‘Shark Tank’ Robert Herjavec’s Shocking Net Worth Revealed

Courtesy of Shark Tank. Shark Robert Herjavek appears on an episode of Shark Tank.

From a newspaper deliveryman to a cyber security entrepreneur, Shark Tank Robert Herjavec’s net worth is as shocking as his rags-to-riches story.

When Robert Herjavec was just eight years old, his family fled the communist regime in Croatia and immigrated to Canada. According to Herjavec, his family arrived in Canada with just $20 to their name and a single suitcase in their possession. Herjavec saw his father work in a factory in Mississauga making just $76 a week. For Herjavec, seeing his father’s dedication to his family molded his own work ethic and put him on the path to achieving his dreams.

In a little over 50 years since he first arrived in North America, Herjavec has completely changed his family’s fortunes. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Herjavec is now worth over $200 million. The Shark Tank star started his career with a variety of low-paying jobs. He worked as a waiter, a newspaper deliveryman, and even an assistant director in the film industry. Eventually, Herjavec landed a job selling computer equipment for a company called LogiQuest. This would prove to be a life-changing career choice for Herjavec and his net worth.

How Robert Herjavec Earned His Money

Herjavec has gone from a small fish in a big pond to a big shark in a wealthy tank. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t put in the hard work. After working at LogiQuest, Herjavec founded his own internet software security company called BRAK Systems in 1990. With a modest start working out of his own basement, Herjavec soon saw his hard work pay off. He watched his company continue to grow until he received the offer of a lifetime. AT&T Canada bought BRAK Systems for over $30 million, just 10 years after he started his company.

By 2003, Herjavec founded The Herjavec Group. The company provides information security services to other companies. The company has become the biggest provider of IT security services in Canada. With annual sales of over $150 million, The Herjavec Group has become Herjavec’s most successful business venture. In 2006, he would join the reality show The Dragon’s Den. Like Shark Tank, the show allowed entrepreneurs three minutes to pitch their business ideas to multi-millionaires who are willing to invest their own money.

Three years later, Herjavec was featured in the first season of Shark Tank. He has been a staple on the show ever since.

How The Shark’s Net Work Stacks Up

With a net worth of over $200 million, Herjavec has plenty to boast about. But where does he rank among the rest of the Sharks on Shark Tank? According to TechieGamers, Herjavec is just the 4th wealthiest Shark on the show. He trails Daymond John by $150 million as the 3rd wealthiest. But they all pale in comparison to Mark Cuban, whose net worth is an estimated $5.1 billion. Cuban is clearly swimming circles around his fellow Sharks.

Are you surprised by Robert Herjavec’s net worth? Is it higher or lower than you expected? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments section.

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