Why Isn’t ‘Shark Tank’ On Tonight & When Will It Return To ABC?

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There will not be a new episode of Shark Tank tonight (April 26). The series is moving on through Season 15 with only one episode left. However, fans will have to wait one more week for the season finale as the reality TV show is being preempted tonight.

Here is why there is no new Shark Tank episode tonight and when you can expect a new episode to air on ABC.

Why Isn’t Shark Tank On Tonight, April 26?

There is only one episode of Shark Tank left this season, which means there is only one episode left with Mark Cuban as a regular shark on the show. However, fans will have to wait an extra week for the new episode because it won’t be on ABC tonight.

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The reason that Shark Tank is skipping this week is because of the NFL. Just like when the reality TV show took off during the Super Bowl, the show will take a break for the NFL Draft. The NFL Draft began on Thursday, April 25, and continues on Friday night, April 26, and Saturday, April 27.

Since ABC is part of the Disney family, along with ESPN, the network will follow the NFL Draft. This means the Shark Tank Season 15 finale will not air tonight.

When Will Shark Tank Be Back With A New Episode?

The good news is that Shark Tank will return with a new episode in just one week. The next new episode will arrive on May 3. However, the bad news for fans is that episode will be the Season 15 finale. We know some of the products pitched on that next episode.


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The entrepreneurs will return with three new products that we know of. First up is a new Electric Flosser that makes it easy to care for your teeth. It is even one that a person can use in the shower. A company that makes organic plant care products to help gardeners of all experience levels will pitch their product. Finally, another company created a coffee substitution that offers the same great taste, but without the downfall of drinking caffeine.

Next week, Candace Nelson also returns as a guest shark for the season finale. It is also an episode you won’t want to miss because this is Mark Cuban’s final episode. This will be the last time to see him in the regular lineup for the sharks, although there is always a chance he could return as a guest shark down the road.

Will you miss Shark Tank as it takes an episode off this week for the NFL Draft? What are your thoughts about there only being one show left this season and that it will be Mark Cuban’s last on the series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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