‘Curse of Oak Island’ Rick Lagina Finally Explores Lot 5

The Curse of Oak Island - Lot 5 / YouTube

The Curse of Oak Island is finally presenting something new on the island for Rick Lagina and his crew to explore. They finally received the rights to work on Lot 5, which has been off-limits for a long time.

Here is how they got the rights to Lot 5 and what they are finding there already.

Rick Lagina gets rights to Lot 5 on Curse of Oak Island

Rick Lagina and the guys on The Curse of Oak Island looked like they hit a brick wall last week. That is when the Canadian government stepped in once again and stopped their excavation as they tried to get underground to find the mysterious new corridors they realized were under them this entire time.

The Curse of Oak Island - Lot 5 / YouTube

However, while they can’t keep the excavation going until they get new permits, they have something else new to offer the fans. Rick and his brother finally got permission to go onto Lot 5 of Oak Island. This is an area they had never been able to investigate before.

Marty Lagina told the crew the big news. They had purchased Lot 5 and they finally secured the rights to go and start exploring that area of the island. This is a four-acre area on the northwest side of the island. The previous owner was treasure hunter Robert S. Young, who acquired it from Fred Nolan. The problem all along was that Young and the Lagina brothers never seemed to get along.

However, Young died a couple of years ago and Lot 5 ended up being available to acquire. Throughout the past few years, Young had discovered everything from old coins to buttons and more in this area, but nothing significant. The Lagina brothers hope they can make further headways there and find more.

The Curse of Oak Island - Lot 5 / YouTube

What hasĀ Curse of Oak Island shown so far in Lot 5

With Lot 5 open for business, Gary Drayton didn’t waste time and headed out to start hunting in that part of Oak Island. His metal detector let him know that there was more there to find almost instantly. This seems strange since Young explored there for so long, but Drayton found something almost instantly.

Curse of Oak Island | YouTube

They found two old tools and pulled them from the ground. That brought even more questions. This area of the island has never had any buildings, nor had any existed there that anyone knows about. The discovery of tools makes them wonder what happened on Lot 5 in the past and what they were used for.

Then Gary found something even better in Lot 5. He found an old coin. It was cut in half, and Gary said he thought it was a handcrafted coin and it was cut in half since that was how change was given in the past. More so, he also guessed that it might be silver. However, it turned out to be copper with an arsenical bronze. This means it was likely made before the 16th century.

What else do you think the guys will find in Lot 5 on The Curse of Oak Island? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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