Are ‘The Circle’ Myles Reed & QT Bullock Dating?

The Circle QT Bullock & Myles Reed

Although The Circle brings out some of the worst sides of players, two competitors seemingly are making the odds work for them. Even through the difficult decisions, Myles Reed and Quori-Tyler Bullock (QT) appear to be watching each other’s backs. While everyone has made strategic moves, these two blooming romantics are sticking together. But do their loyalties extend past the social experiment?

Myles Reed And Quori-Tyler Bullock Are Definitely Cute On-Camera

Since filming the Netflix hit, The Circle, fans now wonder if the on-screen compatible couple has taken the romance off-screen. Undoubtedly, Myles Reed and Quori-Tyler Bullock have chemistry within the show. While they both are playing a tough game, they each have a soft spot for one another. Likewise, their budding relationship came with heart-shaped pancakes delivered straight to QT’s doorstep. When Myles entered The Circle, he quickly proclaimed himself, “Yung Papi Fuego.” Undeniably, fans are there for the sweet and spicy love building between these two. Without a doubt, they are cute on camera.

Myles Reed proclaims himself "Yung Papi Fuego." - The Circle
Myles Reed proclaims himself “Yung Papi Fuego.” – The Circle

They Have Each Other’s Backs

During The Circle Season 6, there have been plenty of shake-ups. Altogether, the cast was thrown a curveball with the introduction of an artificial intelligence bot playing Max. Sadly, while Myles Reed is an AI engineer, Max is too sneaky and dodges the elimination round. Although Myles could not detect the chatbot, QT didn’t seem to mind. Undoubtedly, QT is there to win the game and hasn’t struggled to make the harsh cuts, except for Myles. Certainly, she has unwavering loyalty to her main man Myles. Between the two, there are cute quirks and strong bonds. Their chat flirting game is on point, making it easy to trust each other in the shifty Circle environment. When The Circle adds the twist of tying fates to other players, Myles and QT continue to stand their ground and hold down their alliance even though they didn’t get matched in the compatibility game.

Fans Are Rooting For Love

Throughout The Circle Season 6, Myles Reed and QT Bullock are fan favorites. Whether it is all game or a spark for their current status is hard to tell.

  • On X, one fan says, β€œQT, Myles, and Kyle are the best players this season, I love them so much.”
  • Then on TikTok, other fans chime in, Β “I hope ya’ll are dating the chemistry is magnetic.”
  • “Just become girlfriend and boyfriend already like I see it happening.”
  • On Instagram, fans recognize their genuine interactions, “Your texts are just so hilarious and I love that you own everything you say πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ”₯.”
The Circle QT Bullock & Myles Reed - Instagram
The Circle QT Bullock & Myles Reed – Instagram

Are Myles Reed And QT Bullock Dating?

Usually, when The Circle or other reality TV series are airing, the cast lay low. However, in the case of Myles Reed and QT Bullock, that doesn’t seem to be the case. When the new batch of episodes dropped last week, the two posted on Instagram showing a sweet ice cream date to enjoy the newest episodes. Likewise, they were explaining Myles didn’t specifically study “Max” in school when becoming an AI Engineer. Furthermore, they post a cute video of QT eating from both ice cream bowls to the song “Whatever You Like” by T.I. Fans love seeing them out together post-show.

  • One fan says, β€œShip you both.”
  • And another fan says, β€œI’ve never enjoyed a Circle couple more.”
  • β€œI get giddy every time I watch their interactions SO happy they’re hanging now.”
  • While some fans are tuning in specifically for Myles Reed and QT, β€œOnly watching the show for Myles and QT content.”
  • “OMG! Brazil wants to know if you ended up together 😍😍 watching until the end to see you πŸ₯°πŸ₯°.”
  • “The fact you pulled off breakfast for her haha you invested.”
The Circle QT Bullock taste tests both ice cream bowls - Instagram
The Circle QT Bullock taste tests both and Myles Reed’s ice cream bowls – Instagram

Myles Reed And QT Bullock Make A Cute Couple

Although Myles Reed and QT didn’t say they are dating, they still seem to be staying close after filming. Undeniably, they are cute together and have lots of fun. Time will tell if the relationship since The Circle is official.

Currently, The Circle Season 6 episodes 1-8 are available to stream on Netflix. At any rate, catch up now before the next set of episodes drops every Wednesday at 2:01β€―AM CST leading up to the finale on May 8, 2024.

What do you think about Myles Reed and QT Bullock having a sweet treat to celebrate the new episodes? Do you think they are officially dating now? Are you ready for the new episodes of The Circle? Drop your comments below.

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