‘The Circle’ DeLeesa Flaunts Body In Bikini With Sheer Pink Chaps

'The Circle' DeLeesa Flaunts Body In Bikini With Sheer Pink Chaps

The Circle alum DeLeesa Unique flaunted her body in a bikini with sheer pink chaps. She took to Instagram to show off her super-hot look for the summertime. Read on to learn more about what she’s doing these days and to see the photos for yourself.

What is DeLeesa Unique up to since winning Season 2 of The Circle?

DeLeesa Unique owned The Circle Season 2. She ended up winning the grand prize of $100,000. In an interview with Bustle, DeLeesa hinted that she “had my game plan set.” She wanted to do whatever it took to win the show.

“If I want to go far and I really want to win this money — and not just be on TV on a game show — I’m gonna do what I need to do,” DeLeesa said at the time.

Filming of Season 2 of The Circle took place in September 2021. After that, she’s focused on taking care of her two daughters, Toni and Tori. On September 7, she threw Toni a birthday party for her second birthday. The busy mom admitted on Instagram that she doesn’t enjoy the party-planning process.

DeLeesa On The Circle [Netflix]
In a September 19 Instagram post, DeLeesa shared that Toni had a temper tantrum. She shares all of the good and bad moments of motherhood. The reality star tries to keep it as real as possible. DeLeesa is also still in a contractual relationship with Netflix since winning Season 2 of The Circle.

She hung out with both the Season 2 and the Season 3 contestants in New York City last year. DeLeesa has become close with the cast. The group attended a Circle meet-up event, which was also a wrap-up party for Season 4. DeLeesa also took part in a Netflix casting call in Georgia.

DeLeesa Unique On The Circle Season 2 [Netflix]
Since then, she’s taken on numerous opportunities. When she’s not spending time with her family or her best friends, she works on her clothing line, Be Unique Shoppe. She’s also still with her husband Trevor St. Agathe, who is on Season 4 of The Circle. She wanted the king to win so they can both become king and queen influencers.

The Circle Season 2 shows off her hot summer look

Earlier this week, DeLeesa took to her Instagram Story to show off her summertime look. She wore a hot pink bikini which featured sheer pink chaps. The two-piece put all of her curves on display. DeLeesa snapped the photo in her mirror, which she captioned, “Pool Time.”

The Circle DeLeesa Shows Off Bikini [DeLeesa Unique | Instagram Stories]
[DeLeesa Unique | Instagram Stories]
She also shared a clip of herself diving into the pool. DeLeesa didn’t care if she messed up her look. She just wanted to get into the pool and cool off. The television personality is still relatable even though she won The Circle Season 2. What are your thoughts on DeLeesa’s Instagram Stories? Sound off below in the comment section.

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