‘The Circle’ Season 6 Teases Wild Tricks Alongside New Cast

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While every season of the Netflix hit The Circle has exciting twists, Season 6 is starting with a big tease. Fans are in for a treat to meet the new cast and see some of the wild tricks planned for this season.

The Circle Returns

All and all, the cast for The Circle Season 6 is looking fabulous, but one new player may have a leg up on the competition. While the name of the game is to win friends and influence others through the social media platform, the host, Michelle Buteau always seems to spice things up throughout. During the episodes, the individuals create alliances and often break them too. All vying for the precious top influence spot to secure their stay in the race to $100,000.

The New Cast

Undeniably, the new players are looking good for The Circle Season 6. Scroll to see the competitors and the new twist:

Autumn Age: 21 Playing As: Herself - Netflix - The Circle
Autumn Age: 21 Playing As Herself – Netflix – The Circle
Brandon Age: 34 Playing As: His friend Olivia - Netflix
Brandon Age: 34 Playing As His friend Olivia – Netflix
Caress Age: 37 Playing As: Her younger brother Paul - Netflix - The Circle
Caress Age: 37 Playing As Her younger brother Paul – Netflix – The Circle
Cassie Age: 29Playing As Herself - Netflix
Cassie Age: 29 Playing As Herself – Netflix
Myles Age: 29 Playing As: Himself - Netflix - The Circle
Myles Age: 29 Playing As Himself – Netflix – The Circle
Quori-Tyler Age: 26 Playing As: Herself - Netflix
Quori-Tyler Age: 26 Playing As Herself – Netflix

But of course, The Circle has plenty of tricks up its sleeve to make the trip adventurous all the way to the end. Without a doubt, players should expect the unexpected every season, because they are always switching things up. Undeniably, the mix for Season 6 is ready to shock the system by bringing in an A.I. bot to use its intelligence to strategically stir things up.

The Circle's Big Twist: A.I. Bot Playing As Max - Netflix
The Circle‘s Big Twist: A.I. Bot Playing As Max – Netflix

The Circle Adds Intelligence To The Mix

During the Season 6 trailer, host Michelle Buteau teases “This season, we’re adding a bit more intelligence to the chat.” She introduces the smart player, “An A.I. bot is playing the game as the ultimate catfish.” Notably, the chatbot was given the past seasons of The Circle to study. Then the artificial intelligence bot will enter the game unsuspectingly as “Max.” While viewing the old footage, Max was able to learn to build a profile from past players’ experiences. Furthermore, Max is a 26-year-old veterinary intern (at least “on paper”) within the profile. Then the A.I. bot will venture through the show unassisted by producers during the game.

More Wild Tricks In Store

But that isn’t the only new trick up The Circle‘s sleeve. During this season, new cast member Kyle will get his inspiration from his furry child, Deuce. While at the new Circle quarters, Kyle is teaming up with his canine buddy to take on the competition. The 31-year-old touts he is a “proud dog dad” in his profile. Additionally, Season 6‘s location is new. While the game is similar to previous seasons, the site is located in Atlanta, Georgia, instead of the previous U.K. apartments. Even so, the teaser promises the “same game” of “catfish, connections, and chaos” are in store for this season.

Kyle, Age: 31 Playing As: Himself, but with his dog, Deuce. - Netflix
Kyle, Age: 31 Playing As Himself, but with his dog, Deuce. – Netflix

Likewise, new and old viewers can catch The Circle on Netflix on Wednesday, April 17.

What do you think about the tricky switch-up of adding an A.I. bot as a player? Do you think the other players will spot Max as a catfish from the get-go? What happens if Max wins it all? Are you ready to see Season 6 of The Circle? Drop your comments in the section below.

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