‘The Circle’ 4: Will Carol AKA John Be On ‘Survivor’ Next?

john carol the circle season 4
Nick Davis


For the most part, all of the catfish contestants on The Circle Season 4 were failures. They were quickly caught and generally saw eviction not long afterward. Strangely enough, the Spice Girls had one of the only successful catfish profiles of the season. There was one catfish profile, however, that found success despite being known as a catfish for some time. That’s John AKA Carol.

He didn’t end up making it to the finale, but he had successful relationships despite his well-known catfish status. Could he take that solid social game, in combination with a bit of deceit, and turn it into a successful run on Survivor?

No Catfishing On Survivor

Recently, John made a post on his Instagram account.

“People always ask why I don’t audition for other shows… so I dug up my Survivor audition”

What follows is a video of John’s Survivor audition tape from before he ever made it onto The Circle. He’s sporting a much different, much more Italian, hairstyle.

john carol the circle season 4 survivor audition
John’s Survivor audition tape

It’s definitely a humorous audition tape. John doesn’t talk much about his strategy or what he wants to bring to Survivor. He mostly just goofs around and tries to show himself off as an entertaining personality. That type of attitude makes much more sense for The Circle than for SurvivorSurvivor is all about being cutthroat and quick on your feet, where The Circle likes more fun personalities like is shown in John’s above audition tape.

But now that he’s shown off his more strategic side with his Circle debut, maybe the CBS producers will start to take notice. He can’t hide behind his mother’s profile while stranded out in Fiji, but maybe he can shine under that kind of pressure. He didn’t get much of a chance to be too crafty in Season 4, as he was found out fairly quickly and pushed into a corner as a result. On Survivor, there’s always an understanding that everyone’s trying to deceive and backstab, so John has the potential to do much better when surrounded by players cut from his same cloth. Hopefully, we can see him in a later season.

Thus far, no players from The Circle have ever made a crossover with any of the big CBS reality competitions. Shows like SurvivorThe Amazing Race, or Big Brother.

The Circle Season 4

The Circle Season 4 wrapped up fairly recently. John, catfishing as his mother, made it close to the end but not quite close enough. Season 5 has not begun filming yet.

Meanwhile, Survivor Season 43 is now done with filming and the season is airing this fall. Season 44 apparently began to film just after the Season 43 cast left Fiji. So we know John won’t be on Survivor this year or in the spring season next year. But beyond that, who knows?

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