‘Attack On Titan’ Series Finale Trailer Drops

attack on titan final season finale season 4 trailer
Nick Davis

The trailer for the series finale of Attack on Titan is finally here.

The end of Attack on Titan is something fans are both dreading and looking forward to. It’s undoubtedly one of the biggest anime events of 2023. The second-to-last episode hit Crunchyroll earlier this year and sent shockwaves through the anime community. Many fans are on the edge of their seats wondering how the controversial manga ending will be dealt with in the adaptation. Well, the first and possibly the last trailer for the series finale is finally here. And it might come with some hints concerning what’s to come.

The Final Episode Trailer

The trailer with Engish subtitles hit the internet just now and is full of teasers for the show’s finale. It’s only a thirty-second trailer, but there’s a lot that can potentially be drawn from this. Sadly, the main thing the trailer doesn’t include is a definitive release date. As of right now, the trailer continues to push the release window of fall 2023. So fans will just have to wait a little longer to know exactly what month and day Attack on Titan will be ending on.

The trailer begins with Armin nostalgically looking back at the times as children when he would play with Mikasa and Eren. The entire thing is overlayed with this monologue from the new Colossal Titan. It ultimately ends with the exciting line, “I’ll see you again, Eren.”

There are a number of interesting but brief clips shown throughout Armin’s monologue. Most of the main cast can be seen in various flashes. Only a few titans, though, like the Cart Titan which makes a short appearance. Overall, it gives away very little about what’s actually going to be happening in the finale. But a lot of speculation can be drawn from the trailer, nonetheless.

The End Of Attack On Titan

The ending is closer than ever with this new trailer, and it might be the last trailer the show receives before the ultimate episode. The recent poster for the Attack on Titan finale has already gotten confirmation as the last visual for the finale. And many fans are wondering if this trailer won’t follow suit.

The question of when dub fans will get to watch the end of the series remains a pressing concern. As of writing this, anime dub fans continue to impatiently wait on the release of the second-to-last episode. That episode came in its Japanese and English subtitle form all the way back in March. It’s been four months and there is still no word on when the dub may be coming. Hopefully, the finale of the series doesn’t receive as long of a wait.

attack on titan finale trailer skeleton
A shot from the finale trailer for ‘Attack on Titan’

Attack On Titan The Final Season, Part 4 is set to premiere in fall 2023.

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