‘Attack On Titan’ Finale Script Hits Twitter

Nick Davis

A picture of the finale script for Attack on Titan‘s last episode is making the rounds on Twitter.

The finale for Attack on Titan is so close and yet so far away. The last episode of the acclaimed anime series is set to premiere this fall. The whole summer lies between fans and the end of the show. And there aren’t many hints, teasers, or small details to go off of right now. But, something major just hit social media. The script for the finale episode of Attack on Titan is now circulating on Twitter in a very exciting moment for the fanbase.

The Finale Script For Attack On Titan

The script’s cover page was posted by the Japanese voice actor Eren Yeager, Yuki Kaji. Kaji confirms in his most recent post that he has officially received the script for the finale episode. He posts a picture of the script, but certain words are blacked out to prevent fans from knowing too much.

It’s definitely exciting for fans to see, but the black words continue to throw mystery around the final episode. What could it be on that script title page worth covering in black? Could the title of the episode contain something vital enough that no one should see it before the premiere? It may also just have something to do with an NDA contract between Yuki Kaji and the studio to not post anything about Attack on Titan without explicit clearance.

There are a small handful of teasers for the finale episode now, but they’re all crumbs, at best. The biggest teaser is undoubtedly the poster for the episode. But even that is intentionally vague. And Attack on Titan director Yuichiro Hayashi says it may be the only poster the episode gets before the episode is out and available for all to see. So it’s possible the only other information fans get about the finale before its premiere is little posts like the one from Yuki Kaji.

The Last Episode Is Coming

The finale episode is most assuredly coming. This post from Yuki Kaji confirms it is heatedly in progress and MAPPA is working constantly to get it done on time. Still, there is unfinished business with the second-to-last episode of the show. The English dub remains unseen and with no official announcement about when it may arrive on Crunchyroll.

So English dub watchers remain trapped in the past, just hoping to watch the penultimate episode of this fantastic anime while other fans are just waiting on the ultimate episode. Hopefully, both come sooner rather than later.

captain levi attack on titan tarot art
Captain Levi of ‘Attack on Titan’

Attack on Titan The Final Season, finale episode is arriving sometime in the fall.

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