‘Attack On Titan’ New Sketch Shows Eren Ahead Of Series Finale

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Nick Davis

A new sketch from Attack On Titan director Yuichiro Hayashi shows off a particularly angsty Eren Yeager. The anime is ending sometime later in 2023 after a decade of being one of the best shows out there. The transformation of Eren Yeager from the first season to now is apparent in Hayashi’s sketch.

New Eren Sketch

Eren Yeager may have one of the darkest falls from grace of any character in fictional history. He began as a young guy with a determination to liberate his people driven by the death of his mother. By the end of the show, his liberation effort turns into depravity and hopelessness which ultimately results in a plan for genocide. His appearance and demeanor completely change to something more empty and devoid of empathy. All of that is captured in Yuichiro Hayashi’s sketch which hit social media recently.

The sketch continues to stir conversation about the upcoming final episode of Attack On Titan. There still is no set release date but it is supposed to arrive sometime before winter of this year. The second-to-last episode came out in March and has an hour of new content to hold fans over until the show finally comes to an end.

Yuichiro Hayashi is one of the biggest directors in anime right now. Alongside AoT, he’s also been the director for other hit anime like Dorohedoro and Kakegurui. He came on as Attack On Titan‘s director only for the final season of the show. The reception to the season has been great thus far, even if a bit impatient from many, so it’s clear Hayashi knows what he’s doing with Eren and the other characters.

The Finale Of Attack On Titan

American fans watching Attack On Titan with English subtitles are only waiting on the final episode of the anime now. However, fans who prefer watching the English dub are continuing to wait on the dub for Season 4, Part 3. The pattern of releases for the show in the past almost always results in the English dub arriving a month after the initial release with subtitles. That is proving not to be the case this time, however.

It’s been nearly two months now since the premiere of Attack On Titan The Final Season, Part 3, and fans have radio silence from everyone involved on when the English dub may finally hit Crunchyroll. It should be arriving anytime now. But the unexplained delay has fans wondering what exactly is going on behind the scenes for Attack On Titan.

attack on titan the final season part 3 poster
The poster for ‘Attack On Titan’ the Finale Season, Part 3

The series finale of Attack On Titan is set to arrive sometime in the Fall of this year.

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