‘Attack On Titan’ ODM Gear Is Now In ‘Fortnite’

eren yeager attack on titan in action
Nick Davis

Attack On Titan is making its return to the video game world. This time, though, it is not through its own solo game like it has gotten in the past. This time around, the Eldians are making their way into one of the most popular games in the world. Let’s talk about what fans have to do to swing around in a battle royale as Mikasa in this latest update to Fortnite.

Attack On TitanFortnite

Yes, Fortnite‘s latest collaboration is with the hit horror-drama anime. It’s not the first time the game has done an anime collaboration. There are Dragonball ZNaruto, and My Hero Academia skins in the game as well. This AoT collab doesn’t only add skins for fan-favorite characters like Mikasa and Levi, though. It also adds key elements from Attack On Titan into the world of the battle royale shooter.

attack on titan fortnite mikasa
Mikasa from ‘Attack On Titan’ in the new ‘Fortnite’ advertisement

The latest update got its announcement some time ago but is now live in the game with all of its new features available. It makes the ODM Gear and Thunder Spears from Attack On Titan available for in-game combat. Anyone who’s ever wanted to experience using the fighting equipment from the anime and manga in a real battle will have a chance to now in Fortnite. Both items come randomly in chests, ground drops, and lockers with the recognizable Scout Regiment logo.

There are also three skins for some of the most popular characters from the anime. Mikasa, Captain Levi, and, of course, the notorious Eren Yeager. Fans can get Eren through Battle Pass challenges whereas Mikasa and Levi are only obtainable in the item shop. It’s unknown at this time if Epic Games plans to add any other skins for more characters in the future. Many AoT fans would love to play Fortnite as characters like Armin, Hanji, and Reiner.

AOT In 2023

Attack On Titan is finally coming to an end later this year with its finale episode. The most recent episode, The Final Season, Part 3, Episode 1, just came out back in March. It’s worth noting, though, that as of this time, the English dub is still not out. Only subtitle fans are caught up on every episode but the series finale at this point. This most recent collab between Attack On Titan and Fortnite may be the last taste of the show fans get before it all comes to an end sometime this fall.

attack on titan eren yeager using odm gear
Eren using ODM gear in ‘Attack On Titan’

The Attack On Titan content is out in Fortnite right now. The series finale episode is coming later in 2023.

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