‘Survivor’ 44’s Frannie Shares New Info on Showmance

survivor 44 frannie and matt hug
Nick Davis

Frannie recently gave new details about the most recent big showmance on Survivor.

Survivor has been in a drought when it comes to showmances in recent seasons. The show primarily casts superfans nowadays who are far more likely to have their eyes on the million-dollar prize. It doesn’t leave much room for the drama that comes with sudden attraction. Thankfully, Season 44 finally gave fans a showmance that many have been waiting on. And the post-season just confirms it as something real outside of an island in Fiji.

Survivor Showmance

The showmance between Frannie and Matt recently hit its one-year anniversary, and that’s definitely cause for celebration. Frannie has put up multiple posts on Instagram to commemorate her and Matt’s fateful meeting. On top of the reminiscing, Frannie also details more details about herself and Matt on the island that fans previously didn’t know about.


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On her Instagram story, Frannie writes, “I remember being so excited to give him a huge hug once we finally got to Soka beach. We had been silently making eyes at each other for days and I had an intuition that we’d get along great.” She continues by writing, “We only see Matt and I holding hands once on the show at the fake merge, but we actually held hands for a few covert minutes every night starting at day 6.”

frannie and matt survivor screenshot

Frannie recognizes this as “maximum corny” but seems more interested in her infatuation and the story between her and Matt than caring about appearances. Don’t worry Frannie, the fans are definitely with you on that. Frannie and Matt are favorites from Season 44, and Jeff Probst even praises them as one of the best things about it on his podcast.

The New Era

Frannie and Matt certainly stand out as icons of the new season of Survivor that began with Season 41. It’s not an era that has a particularly high amount of romance going on. Matt and Frannie are really the only serious showmance that’s taken place. Although there was definitely some tension going on between Maryanne and Zach of Season 42 after Maryanne’s big public confession about her crush on him.

frannie and matt survivor screenshot 2

It seems as though the show will largely be sticking to a similar format moving forward. If there are any major twists or themes in Season 45, they haven’t been present in the promotion thus far. There is confirmation that the new season will have 90-minute episodes, though. An extra 30 minutes every week could allow fans to see more relationship developments like the ones Frannie was talking about between herself and Matt that never made it to air. It could be a great change for the showmance-loving crowd.

survivor screenshot frannie and matt 3

Survivor Season 45 will be premiering this fall.

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