The Winner Of ‘Survivor’ 42 Talks About An Unseen Relationship

survivor 42 finale tribal council
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Survivor Season 42 is over and the winner is officially out. Congratulations to Maryanne on her great usage of the “harmless appearance” strategy to get her to the end. The underestimation of her game along with her amazing final tribal council performance is ultimately what won her the game.

Now she’s done an exit interview with EW to talk about her game. In the interview, she talks about her relationship status with her tragic show “boyfriend” Zach, whether she’ll come back and play again in the future, and also about a friendship from her time on the island that was mostly cut from the season.

Maryanne’s Lost Relationship

survivor 42 final 5 challenge
Maryanne and the other final 5 competing in the immunity challenge

“There’s so much that doesn’t air. But honestly, I think the thing that I wish was showed more was mine and Tori’s relationship. Tori was my rock when we came to the fake merge because basically me, Tori, Chanelle, and Romeo — we were surprised no one would talk to us. No one would speak with us. And being mentally and socially ostracized from the group was so bad. But having Tori, we would laugh all day,” Maryanne said in the interview.

What Maryanne illustrates with this comment is how tight certain players can be without the viewers ever even knowing. Maryanne and Tori clearly had a tight relationship during their brief time together in the merge. This relationship absolutely influences Tori’s decision to vote for Maryanne to win, as she gives Maryanne high praise during the finale. The context of this relationship existing would likely have that support make more sense for the viewers, but few of their interactions ever make it to air.

Oftentimes, fans are confused about decisions players make towards each other within different seasons. What we don’t see is usually as important, if not more so, than what we do see in these cases. It’s an hour-long show and these people are spending 24 hours a day with each other. Constantly interacting and constantly forging, or breaking, bonds. It’s part of what makes these exit interviews so important.

Survivor 42 Winner Facts

Maryanne is both the second black woman and also the second Canadian ever to win Survivor. The last black woman was Vecepia all the way back in Season 4 (A 38-season gap between the two winners). The last Canadian was Erika in Season 41. This also means that not a single American has won Survivor since the show began allowing Canadians to compete. There aren’t any Canadians on the Season 43 cast, so this streak is sadly guaranteed to end later this year.

Survivor Season 42 is over but Season 43 is currently filming and will air in the fall of this year.

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