‘Survivor’ 44: New Details Of The Moment Frannie & Matt Reunited

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Frannie Marin, one-half of Survivor 44’s major showmance, has given details of herself and Matt reuniting that fans didn’t get to see.

The latest episode of Survivor 44 saw one of the strongest players of the season, Frannie, get sent to the jury bench. It’s not all so bad, though. Frannie had someone waiting for her over there on that jury bench. And fans were all wanting to see what went down when the two got to speak to each other for the first time since Matt’s elimination. Unfortunately, that didn’t get to happen. But in a post-elimination interview, Frannie filled everyone in on some of the missing details.

Frannie & Matt Reunited

“I literally ran like a slow-motion movie and jumped into Matt’s arms and we had the best hug. And then we talked until like 4 a.m. and it was so amazing,” said Frannie about seeing Matt on Ponderosa for the first time.

Everything known about Matt and Frannie’s reunion comes from an interview with Entertainment WeeklySurvivor, sadly, no longer does Ponderosa videos as was tradition for so long. It’s a sorely-missed feature of the game where fans got to see the aftermath of tribal council from the perspective of the jury.

survivor 44 matt and frannie hugging
Matt and Frannie hugging on ‘Survivor’ 44

Matt gave confirmation after his elimination that he and Frannie are still an item. Frannie definitely doubles down on this with her words. If anything, she even triples down with just how many details she willingly gives out to the onlookers. At one point, the question of if it’s nice to see Matt once they could both be clean came up. Frannie’s response was, “I’ll tell you, the romance accelerated rapidly once we were both a little cleaner.”

The End Of Survivor 44

And then there were 7. Frannie’s elimination means fans are only a handful of episodes away from the Survivor 44 finale. It’s time for each of the remaining players to start looking seriously at who they believe they can beat at the end. Right now, it seems like there are a number of strong competitors who could potentially sweep the jury if they make it to the end. The question is, whose threat level is too high to stick around much longer, and who’s going to manage their notoriety just well enough to take the million dollars? It’s also a good time to get excited over what details on Season 45 may come near the end of the finale episode.

frannie survivor 44
Frannie Marin of ‘Survivor’ 44

New Episodes of Survivor Season 44 are airing every Wednesday.

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  1. Matt & Frannie’s relationship is like the best power couple on the history of Survivor because I have a really big crush on Frannie but only as friends

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