Rumor May Confirm First ‘Survivor’ 45 Cast Member

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Nick Davis

A fresh rumor may have the first confirmation of a cast member on Season 45 of Survivor. There’s rarely a lot of info about new seasons of the show prior to the finale of the previous season. Usually, the finale episode of one season contains the primary details on what’s to come. The major twist or theme along with the name and logo of the season is the focus of the first announcement. This rumor, however, means the first Survivor 45 info is all about the cast.

The Cast Of Survivor 45

The rumor comes via InsideSurvivor. They claim that Bruce Perreault, the med-evac player from Season 44, will be coming back to play in Season 45. Bruce, unfortunately, had to leave in Episode 1 of Season 44 due to a concussive head wound from the opening challenge. Bruce’s injury was a shocking open to a season that has been full of nasty injuries among its players.

survivor 45 bruce returning cast rumor insidesurvivor
The InsideSurvivor rumor that Bruce will be a returning player on ‘Survivor’ 45

Following Bruce’s unfortunate departure, Jeff Probst made an exciting announcement in his podcast On Fire with Jeff Probst. Jeff said Bruce has an open invitation to return to the show whenever he’s available. It now appears as though Bruce has taken up Jeff on his offer and will be coming back to play. It is still just a rumor, but InsideSurvivor has reported a number of rumors in the past that have later been verified.

The Instagram post says Season 45 is preparing to begin filming very soon in Fiji. There are no other cast members with concrete rumors as of right now.

A New Era

If Bruce does return to play in Survivor Season 45, that will make him the first returning player since Season 40. There are fans wondering if he could be returning alongside other players. The rumor post states that right now it seems as though he may be the one returning player among a cast of newbies.

Many fans hope to also see the return of Matthew, the other player with a major injury in Season 44. Matthew chose to leave the show rather than leaving via med-evac like Bruce. Jeff Probst has said on his podcast that Matthew shouldn’t be thought of as a quitter for tending to his health over the game. But, at the same time, Probst also hasn’t extended the same invitation to return that he gave to Bruce.

It would be interesting to see a season of players returning to the show who had to leave previously for reasons outside of their control. Many players besides Bruce have left via medical evacuations throughout the years. Many of them deserve second chances.

New episodes of Survivor Season 44 are airing every Wednesday. Season 45 should be premiering this fall.

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