‘Survivor’ 44 Player Talks About Previously-Unknown Injury

survivor 44 episode 1 matthew rock fall
Nick Davis

A new mid-season interview with fan-favorite Survivor 44 player Carolyn reveals an injury that fans never saw on air.

Not everything that goes on in a season makes it through the cutting room floor for Survivor. Sometimes even big events like letters from family members and whole advantages can get cut. This is because the production team is trying to create a narrative throughout a season. Everything that the viewers see should have clear consequences or a result later on. If an event is unimportant to the overall narrative of the season, or if it doesn’t showcase the personality of a contestant, then there’s not much reason for it to be seen.

An Entertainment Weekly interview with Carolyn reveals one of those moments.

An Unseen Injury

One of the questions Carolyn gets in her interview is about something interesting from her Survivor experience thus far that never made it to TV. This is her response.

“Yam Yam’s snoring was keeping me up. I could not sleep, so I said ‘Screw it, I’m sleeping in the boat!’ So I head to the boat and fall asleep. I get woken up in the middle of the night by Yam Yam wanting to talk. Well, hello! It’s dark as heck out there and he scared the crap outta me! All of a sudden a paddle falls right on my face causing my lips to just start gushing blood. So anyways, I blame my constant lip-licking on Yam Yam. He’s the one who messed them up.”

carolyn survivor 44 episode 6
Carolyn in Episode 6 of ‘Survivor’ 44

Honestly, it’s the kind of injury that could only happen to a character like Carolyn. She’s one of the best players to watch on the season due to being as deeply human as she is quirky. It’s a shame a moment like that ultimately didn’t make the cut. But, in all likelihood with it being the middle of the night, the crew probably didn’t have good footage of the event. There are probably enough great Carolyn events that they have their pick of which ones get to screens.

The State Of Survivor 44

Survivor 44 has been full of bumps, bruises, and game-ending injuries. Thankfully, Carolyn’s lip problem didn’t do her in, but she’s on a season with two players who left due to medical reasons. Technically, only Bruce was a medical evacuation. Matt, the man who fell from the rock, left the game on his own due to lasting issues with his shoulder. Jeff Probst felt adamant in his podcast, however, that Matt’s exit shouldn’t be considered a “quit”. It wasn’t serious enough to warrant an evacuation, but it was sensible of him to think of his future and leave for his health.

survivor 44 episode 1 matt and jaime rock
Matt right before his fateful rock fall in ‘Survivor’ 44, Episode 1

Survivor Season 44 continues to air new episodes every Wednesday.

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