‘Survivor’ 44: Rumored Couple Spotted At Cafe

frannie and matt laughing together survivor 44
Nick Davis

Survivor Season 44 has one of the show’s spiciest romances in years, and now they’ve been seen together outside of the game. Frannie and Matt of the Soka tribe are the first Survivor showmance in quite some time. There were promises of Ethiopian food and a road trip during the season. Could this public sighting be the road trip manifesting itself in real-time?


There has already been confirmation from the mouth of Matt Blankinship that he and Frannie are still an item. Still, this is the first time they have actually been seen together since filming the show together. It’s Frannie’s first time being seen on the internet since the premiere of Season 44 in general. She’s technically not allowed to do much publicly until either her elimination or the end of the game (whichever winds up being applicable). But a chance encounter with a fan shouldn’t break Frannie’s NDA.

frannie and matt public sighting coffee shop survivor 44
Frannie and Matt with a fan at a coffee shop [Instagram/thirdplacecafempls]
The Frannie/Matt showmance came to a tragic end in the most recent episode of the season. Fans haven’t been able to see the aftermath of Matt’s boot just yet. But, undoubtedly, Frannie may be blaming herself somewhat, considering it was her immunity win that put Matt in the position to be sent home. It doesn’t seem as though Matt has put any real-life blame on her for that, though. Clearly, the two are still very friendly in real life.

The Survivor fandom seems to have settled on the couple name Frankinship for the two. In Matt’s exit interview on Rob Has A Podcast he wasn’t aware of that name catching on. The couple name the two had come up with while filming the show was “Mannie”. That one doesn’t seem to have struck quite as much of a chord among the fandom. Probably because it sounds less like a cute couple name and more like your local mechanic.

Survivor 44

Season 44 of Survivor continues to play itself out even with Matt and Frannie now split apart. At this point, it doesn’t seem like there are any more showmances set up to happen this season. All of the remaining players seem like they’re there to play and play hard. There’s still a laundry list of advantages in the game, along with nearly every person still having their Shot In The Dark. That gives the potential for some explosive tribal councils coming up.

Combine all of that with a scorned Frannie now potentially on a rampage of revenge against the Ratu members who got rid of Matt and shots may be flying in Episode 8 this Wednesday.

New episodes of Survivor 44 are premiering every Wednesday.

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