The Full ‘Survivor’ 45 Cast List Has Leaked

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Nick Davis

The entire cast list for the upcoming Season 45 of Survivor is out on the internet now.

Survivor 44 is still going strong and is extremely close to its climax. The finale is just around the corner, and that means the official reveal of Season 45 of the show is as well. Ahead of that reveal, however, the cast list is now out and floating around on the internet. Not an official cast list sanctioned by the show, but a leak that can give diehard fans a look into what to expect from what’s coming.

The Full Cast List

The full cast list leak hit the r/survivor subreddit very recently. It shows off a lot of new faces as well as one that should be familiar to those who have been watching Season 44.

The Full Cast of Survivor 45
by u/ben_s16 in survivor

The returning face in question is Bruce. It’s been a not-so-well-kept secret that Bruce is coming back for some time now. Jeff gave him an open invitation to return after Bruce’s unfortunate medical accident in the first episode of the season. His appearance on the cast list leak confirms what many have basically known for some time now. It is exciting to see him come back, regardless, as he clearly had a lot of potential and passion from his short stint in Fiji.

A notable detail of this cast leak is just how young it is. Bruce and one lady by the name of Julie from Nashville, Tennessee are the only two players older than 35. A third of the cast is in their early-to-mid 20s. No one is quite as young as Season 44’s resident rocket scientist Carson, however. Other interesting faces on the cast list include Sabiyah, a 27-year-old truck driver and USMC veteran from Decatur, Georgia. There’s also Brandon Donlon from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who is simply marked as a “content producer.” The exact nature of his content is unclear at this moment.

Survivor 45

The cast list also negates a rumor about Survivor 45. There was a rumor that it could potentially be a full returnee season. Looking at the faces on this cast list, that clearly isn’t the case. Bruce is the only returning player in the bunch. That does make this the very first season in the show’s history with only one returnee in a sea of new players, though. So Season 45 is already breaking new ground for the show.

Whether or not Survivor 45 will do anything else to shock the fans won’t be known until the official reveal of the season. That reveal will come at the end of the Season 44 finale next week.

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Jeff Probst recruiting for ‘Survivor’

Survivor 44 is airing its finale episode next Wednesday. Survivor 45 will be arriving this fall. Are you excited for the new cast? Let us know in the comments.

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