Where Is The ‘Attack On Titan’ Season 4, Part 3 English Dub?

attack on titan the final season part 3 poster
Nick Davis

Attack On Titan is nearing its end with only one episode remaining before the show is over for good. Early March finally brought new content from the series to fans with Part 3 of The Final Season. Sadly, though, a big portion of the fanbase is still patiently waiting to watch this new content. That’s because the only version of the episode available in the US right now is with English subtitles.

So the major question becomes, when will fans get the English dub for Attack On Titan The Final Season, Part 3?

The English Dub

English dubs always arrive somewhat later than the version of an episode with subtitles. This is true for all anime, because of the extra time it takes to record and mix all of the English voice actors. Sometimes a dub can arrive relatively quickly, anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks after the episode’s initial premiere. Sometimes it can take months, even over a year for an episode to finally get an official English dub. Thankfully, the turnover time for Attack On Titan has always been fairly consistent.

attack on titan final season part 3 shot
A shot from Episode 1 of ‘Attack On Titan’ The Final Season, Part 3

Attack On Titan typically gets English dubs about a month after an episode’s initial premiere. Since Episode 1 of Part 3 had its premiere on March 4, that should mean the dub will be arriving within a week of writing this. However, many are concerned about the fact that, as of right now, there is no official announcement that the dub will arrive in the first week of April. There is no news at all about when dub fans will finally get to watch the episode after avoiding spoilers for the last few weeks.

The End Of Attack On Titan

As of right now, Episode 2 of Part 3 doesn’t have a specific release date. But it does have a release window of “fall 2023.” That means it will likely be late fall or early winter, depending on when the initial episode comes out before dub fans can experience the end of AoT. It’s the sad reality of preferring dubs over subtitles. Many anime fans have made the switch to watching with subtitles purely out of a desire to watch their favorite anime’s new episodes sooner.

For the patient fan, though, there are some fairly fantastic English voice actors working on the dub of Attack On Titan. Hopefully, the wait for Episode 1 of Part 3 will be over in the near future.

attack on titan finale trailer part 3 titans
A shot of colossal titans in the Part 3 finale

Attack On Titan The Final Season, Part 3 is out now with English subtitles. Episode 2 of Part 3 will be arriving sometime later in 2023.

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