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‘Attack On Titan’ Finale Split Again: Partial Release Date

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The most recent news about Attack On Titan may be thought of by many as bittersweet. On one hand, we finally have a release date for the Final Part of the Final Season of the show. On the other hand, like the Final Season itself, it was just split into more parts. This is a finale that has been split up more times than any other show in history. It’s confusing and frustrating. It also may be a little cathartic for fans who aren’t quite ready to let go of one of their favorite anime just yet. Let’s get into all the new details of Part 1 of the final part of Attack On Titan‘s Final Season.

The Final Part Will Be Split Again

A preview for Attack On Titan Final Season The Final Edition Part 1 just hit the internet. It’s brief but continues to build the hype for the inevitable rumbling destruction we’re about to see. The Colossal Titans are officially on the shores of Marley, and they bring chaos and genocide with them. We see very little else in the teaser besides a close-up shot of Eren Yeager himself.

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The logo for the final season of ‘Attack On Titan’

The official Twitter page for the Attack On Titan anime also just hit fans with the news about Part 1’s release date. It is going to begin airing on March 4th, which is just around the corner. Meanwhile, there is also confirmation that Part 2 of the final part of the Final Season will be arriving at some point in 2023. Whether that means summer, fall, or winter, we have no way of knowing yet. Fans can rest well knowing that by the end of 2023, we will finally have the conclusion for the show. This is assuming that MAPPA studio doesn’t decide to split Part 2 into 200 parts. Fingers crossed.

‘Attack On Titan’ And All Of Its Endings

With the news of Attack On Titan: Final Season The Final Edition Part 1’s release date, dub fans are wondering when they’ll receive the English episodes. Sadly, as of right now, the dubbed version’s release date isn’t known.

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Some of the Colossal Titans from The Rumbling in the ‘Attack On Titan’ Final Season preview

It is safe to assume that as March 4th approaches, we will get news on the English dub episodes. In the past, the English dub episodes haven’t been far behind the Japanese releases. It’s unlikely that the final two parts of this Final Season will be any different.

Attack On Titan: Final Season The Final Edition Part 1 will premiere on March 4th. It will be available to stream on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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