Is An ‘Attack On Titan’ Spin-Off In The Works?

attack on titan volume 6 cover
Nick Davis

We recently got the news about the official release date for Part 1 of the end of Attack On Titan. While fans love that their favorite anime is finally getting its dramatic conclusion, they’re also torn. Attack On Titan is thought of as one of the best modern anime and it is truly a shame to see it go. But will it stay gone forever after it airs its final episodes in 2023? Maybe not.

Attack On Titan creator Hajime Isayama recently did an interview with Crunchyroll talking about the possibility of a spin-off at some point in the future. Will the heartbreaking tale of war and trauma continue after the anime ends?

The Next Attack On Titan?

As of right now, it would appear as though the possibility of a spin-off is still entirely in the air. Isayama doesn’t seem quite confident enough yet for us to be expecting any kind of announcement anytime soon. But he also sounds interested enough in a particular idea that may result in us returning to the world of Eldia sometime in the future. His answer to the initial question of a potential spin-off was brief and blunt.

attack on titan volume 9 cover
The cover for Volume 9 of the ‘Attack On Titan’ manga

“I have no plans right now,” Isayama said.

That isn’t where the story ends, however, so don’t fret. The interviewer follows up by asking about potential side stories fleshing out popular characters like Levi or Hange. At that point, Isayama caves and lets some more exciting information fly.

“Regarding Levi, I actually have something in my mind, but at the same time, I don’t know if I will be able to write that or not.”

So far from any kind of confirmation that we’ll be getting a Levi AoT manga anytime soon. There is a chance that it could never exist at all. But right now, it’s our best chance at returning to Paradis, so we’ll have to hold onto the hope that one day Hajime will decide to sit down and return to one of our favorite anime worlds.

The Future Of The Franchise

The exact date of Attack On Titan‘s conclusion in 2023 is yet unknown. Once again, the production studio MAPPA has made the decision to split up the finale. This creates two extra parts within a season that was already split up into 3 parts. Parts within parts, or part-ception, if you will. It is making for a strange and incredibly drawn-out finale. But the end is coming at some point this year, so we better all be ready for that inevitability.

Attack on Titan - YouTube
Attack on Titan – YouTube

Attack On Titan is returning with Part 1 of the final edition of its Final Season on March 4th.

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