‘Attack On Titan’ Gets Major Final Season Update

attack on titan eren yeager titan form
Nick Davis

Fans have been both dreading and anxiously awaiting the final season of one of the greatest anime of all time. The finale of Attack On Titan is just around the corner with a premiere set for the new year, 2023. With each passing month, we’re getting more information and announcements about the terrifying end. Recently we got yet another exciting update that sees us getting slowly closer to the beginning of the end of Attack On Titan

The Beginning Of The End

It was not too long ago that we got a brief clip of some of the animation we’ll be seeing in Season 4, Part 3. Now we have an update from part of the production of the show confirming that part is completely done. That is Masafumi Mima, the lead sound director for Attack On Titan. He has gone on the record stating that the sound layout is completely done and that the music selection is close to complete.

attack on titan cast
The characters of ‘Attack On Titan’ Season 4

All of these updates make it seem like the production team is coming a long way with both the visuals and the sound. That puts us in a good position to hopefully receive a premiere announcement soon. Many fans are hopeful that the premiere will be in the spring of 2023. Yet, with MAPPA just wrapping up on Chainsaw Man, and getting ready to premiere Vinland Saga Season 2, it’s likely we’ll get a fall release date right now. But, anything is possible, and the studio has been keeping its lips sealed as far as any release window outside of just roughly “2023”.

attack on titan final season promo art
Promotional art for the final season of ‘Attack On Titan’

Production Studio MAPPA has its hands full in 2023 with Attack On TitanVinland Saga, the next season of Chainsaw Man, and even One Punch Man. How do they keep their quality so consistent across every amazing show? That is anyone’s guess.

Attack On Titan

The final season of Attack On Titan has been getting a lot of press lately. Between the steady stream of updates leading up to the premiere and the creator’s recent first appearance in America, there is a lot to talk about. The ending of the show will undoubtedly be controversial. This is the nature of the manga ending being so controversial amongst fans. It puts MAPPA, the production studio, in an awkward position to either maintain the original ending or change it. A decision that will certainly cause outcry within the fanbase regardless of which path they take.

Attack On Titan Season 4, Part 3 will be premiering sometime in 2023. The big announcement as to the exact release date will hopefully arrive in the coming months.

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