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Who Is ‘Attack On Titan’ Creator’s Favorite Hero?

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Nick Davis

Attack On Titan isn’t the type of show with a view on morality to definitively call its characters “heroes” or “villains.” At least in most cases, but there are always exceptions. In a show where almost every character can be seen doing terrible or rash things under immense pressure, some emerge as genuinely good people. The creator of this fantastic story, Hajime Isayama, came to the United States for the first time recently. He spoke at the Anime NYC convention about Attack On Titan and revealed his personal favorite hero from the story.

Not Many Heroes

During the panel, Isayama received a question about his favorite hero from a fan. His response was Jean. A pretty interesting answer among the remaining characters who we can characterize as “heroic.” It makes sense, though. Jean has a very interesting arc as someone who didn’t even want to join the Scout Corp in the first place. It was the heroic stance of Erin Yeager that led Jean away from his previous plan of a cushy life to the front lines. Ironically, it is now Erin who has firmly pivoted away from heroics in favor of wiping out most of the world.

jean attack on titan
Jean, one of the few surviving characters from the very beginning of ‘Attack On Titan’

In this way, Isayama’s choice of his favorite hero is beginning to make more sense. Jean’s motivation is now extremely interesting. The person who inspired him to become heroic initially is now the person he’s having to act heroically against to save billions of lives. Jean may have been morally grey or confusing earlier in the series, but he’s taken up the firm position of a hero at this point in the story.

The End Of Attack On Titan

One of the major events of the Anime NYC panel was Hajime apologizing for the ending of Attack On Titan. It is a fairly notorious ending that many fans are deeply unhappy with. One of the big questions as the end of the anime is approaching is if they’ll change the ending to something other than what we got in the manga.

attack on titan final season poster
The newly-revealed poster for the final part of the final season

This apology from Isayama makes it seem possible, as the creator is clearly aware of the original ending’s unpopularity. But should a creator cave to fan demand simply because it may make them more popular? Or should a creator stick to their original vision and see it through regardless of the feedback? The final part isn’t out yet, so it is possible that is a question Isayama is still struggling with even now.

The final part of Attack On Titan‘s last season is premiering sometime in 2023.

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