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New Details For The End Of ‘Attack On Titan’ Revealed

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Nick Davis

wilIf you’ve been paying any attention to anime over the last 8 years, you’ve heard of Attack On Titan. It’s quickly risen from being one of the hottest new names to being put up there as one of the greatest anime of all time by many fans. The show has managed to do this with only four seasons and massive gaps of time between those seasons. One of those massive gaps is the gap between each section of the final season, Season 4.

The final season of Attack On Titan has been rolling out almost like three individual seasons. Parts 1 and 2 came out two years apart and accumulate a total of 28 new episodes for the show. But MAPPA, the studio developing the show, promises that Part 3 will be the definitive end for Attack On Titan. And we just got new details about the intense and long-awaited finale.

Details On The End

attack on titan final season poster
The newly-revealed poster for the final part of the final season

The first poster showing a glimpse at Part 3 of Season 4 just snuck onto the internet this week. It’s little more than a small teaser, showing just the major characters we’ve all grown an attachment to over the last 8 years following the show. But it signifies the beginning of the final part’s rollout that will hopefully accumulate in the first episodes reaching TVs across the world soon.

Sadly, there still is not any news on an official release date for Part 3. But, the voice cast for the show recently did a panel in which they stated that none of them have done any voice recordings for Part 3 yet. This is a bit shocking and heartbreaking for fans of the show who were rooting for a spring or summer 2023 release date for Part 3. If MAPPA hasn’t even gotten around to vocals yet, it’s pretty safe to say we likely won’t get any of Part 3 until winter 2023 at the earliest.

The Incredible Run Of Attack On Titan

Very few shows can do what Attack On Titan has done. Four seasons in eight years is incredibly slow, almost unheard of, for any TV show. The wait is well worth it, though. There has been nothing but acclaim for AoT and its ambitious depiction of the horrors of war through the jaws of giant human-like beasts.

The show has won over 60 awards and received massive amounts of praise for its intricate animation, beautiful screenplays, and character work. Fans are apprehensive about Part 3, as it draws from the manga source material that many consider the worst of the series. The ending is considered a flop in an otherwise flawless series, so the question is whether MAPPA will change it to try and please fans. Or will they stick to the material and see the adaptation as accurately as possible until the end?

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