‘Attack On Titan’ Director Says Finale Is Far From Done

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A new comment from Attack On Titan anime director Yuichiro Hayashi may give fans concerns about the finale.

The finale episode for Attack On Titan is arriving sometime this fall. Fans are still patiently waiting on a more specific release window, though. The current window being just a season is fairly vague, as it stands. “This fall” could mean as early as September or it could mean as late as December. So the question is, when will fans get a more specific release window for the last AoT episode? A new comment from the anime’s director may tragically imply that the release is coming later rather than sooner.

A Comment From Yuichiro Hayashi

The comment came in English recently via the official Twitter account for the Attack On Titan Wiki. Yuichiro Hayashi speaks about the surreal feeling of the anime coming to an end. He also speaks on the beautiful but vague first poster for the finale episode. And why it is apparently going to be the only visual fans get before the episode’s premiere.

According to Hayashi, the episode is still only somewhere in the middle, and doesn’t feel close to done. That comment isn’t particularly encouraging for fans who were hoping for a September or October release date. The second-to-last episode of the finale got its premiere this past March. If the next episode doesn’t come until November or December, that’d be the longest gap between two episodes in a single part of a single season that the show has seen thus far.

Yuichiro also mentions that he believes the simple, serene, yet eerie poster for the Attack On Titan finale that hit the internet the other day may be the only visual the finale episode gets. He states, “I think there is something that appeals to the imagination as much as there is nothing.”

He also mentions there are some details on the poster that could be further explained, but he chooses not to because they would be spoilers. A fairly interesting comment to get from the show’s director. It will likely lead to many fans scouring the poster to see what hints about the episode lie in its details.

The Attack On Titan Finale

So the world-renowned anime’s final episode continues to remain shrouded in much mystery. Hayashi is newer to the AoT creative team, but he’s certainly already left an impression. There certainly aren’t many fans complaining about the directorial work he’s done on the episodes in the Final Season. His past work includes other hit anime like DorohedoroKakegurui, and Hunter x Hunter.

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The characters of ‘Attack On Titan’ Season 4

Attack On Titan The Finale Season, the final episode is premiering sometime in the fall.

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