‘Attack On Titan’ Finale Episode Gets First Poster

attack on titan finale poster with eren yeager
Nick Davis

The series finale for Attack On Titan just got its first official poster.

The production of Attack On Titan‘s final episode has largely been mysterious. The excitement continues to brew among anime fans, though, despite very little being known aside from its fall release date. Fans finally got a thrilling update recently with the first official poster for the concluding episode hitting social media. The content of this poster stokes new questions about what exactly is coming in the show’s massive conclusion.

The Finale

The poster hit Twitter recently and subsequently made the rounds on sites like Reddit and Facebook. AoT fans everywhere are brimming with excitement to get any taste of new content from the show. The poster certainly isn’t similar to any poster the show has gotten before, though.

A translation of the Japanese tweet’s caption reads, “The final episode is approaching moment by moment! The Final Season, Final Chapter Part 2. It will be broadcast in the fall of 2023.”

The title mess that is the final season of the show aside, this poster is exciting despite having a normal appearance.

It’s the normalness of the poster that is, within itself, something interesting. In contrast with the other posters of the show, this poster is mostly innocuous, while harboring a dark omen. It’s a very peaceful scene, with the sun shining on a beautiful cabin in the forest landscape. It doesn’t take long to notice the massive looming shadows that are the titans in the distance, however. It’s a troubling sign of what’s the come in the finale. The rumbling that will bring an end to many peace-loving lives. The tranquility of the poster is a big part of what makes it so eerie.

Attack On Titan

The series finale of Attack On Titan approaches and anticipation continues to mount. The series is known for its captivating storytelling, intense action sequences, and thought-provoking themes. The result is the garnering of a massive global following.

attack on titan ensemble
‘Attack On Titan’ main cast lineup

The finale has massive expectations weighing on its shoulders. A pressure undoubtedly felt by the production studio, MAPPA. The studio has given the finale multiple delays and has split the last two seasons into multiple sections. That constant splitting has been largely to the displeasure of fans. But, if it’s what the studio needs to ensure each episode is the quality level that a show like Attack On Titan deserves, then MAPPA can take its time. Hopefully, the fans will manage to be happy with whatever ending the show goes with.

Attack On Titan The Final Season finale episode is premiering sometime this fall. Are you bummed this series is coming to an end? Let us know in the comments.

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