IMDb Lists The Best ‘Attack On Titan’ Episodes

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The IMDb list of the highest-rated anime episodes of all time has a surprising amount of Attack On Titan.

It’s well known at this point that Attack On Titan is some of the best modern anime has to offer. The story is heartbreaking, intense, gruesome, and has disturbing parallels to real-life war and ethnic conflict. On top of that, the anime and voice acting are top-notch. All of this results in a show that has taken over the conversation of modern-day classics in the anime space. IMDb’s list of the highest-rated anime episodes of all time reflects this. AoT plays an absolutely dominating role on this list.

IMDb Top 10

IMDb’s list was compiled by a recent Reddit post on the Attack On Titan subreddit. It showcases how 5 of the 10 spots on the list are AoT episodes.

The best anime episodes according to IMDB. The list contains 5 Aot episodes.
by u/Appropriate-Mood3078 in ShingekiNoKyojin

3 of them are actually back-to-back episodes. They’re the amazing run from the tail-end of Season 3, Perfect Game, Hero, and Midnight SunMidnight Sun is the episode that takes up the top of the list with the highest-ever rating on an episode of anime. Spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen Season 3, this is the episode where Levi allows Commander Erwin to die to save Armin’s life. The episode before contains Erwin’s “Perfect Game” speech. A speech that still rocks the AoT community to this day. It’s undoubtedly one of the best three-episode runs from the series.

It’s worth noting that Midnight Sun is also on the more general list of best TV episodes according to IMDb. It doesn’t take the top spot there, though. It falls in third place below episodes from Breaking Bad and Six Feet Under. Other shows on the anime list include hits like Vinland SagaHunter x Hunter, and Code Geass.

Attack On Titan Finale

It’s possible that the best episode of Attack On Titan has yet to come. The show still has one episode left, the series finale. It’s set to arrive sometime this fall. MAPPA has been delaying putting out these last episodes for as long as possible. Undoubtedly to make sure everything fits just right. The ending of the manga is notoriously controversial. So there’s likely a lot of thought being put into ensuring the anime’s end is as powerful as the rest of it. Depending on what ending they choose to go with, the series finale could wind up the highest or even lowest rated on IMDB.

attack on titan the final season part 3 poster
The poster for ‘Attack On Titan’ the Finale Season, Part 3

Attack On Titan The Final Season, Part 3, Episode 2 should be premiering sometime this fall. Will you be watching? Let us know in the comments.

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