New ‘Attack On Titan’ English Dubs Are Coming To Crunchyroll

attack on titan no regrets
Nick Davis

Crunchyroll recently gave the announcement that every Attack On Titan OAD is getting an English dub soon.

OADs (Original Anime DVDs) are great for fans who want to explore deeper into Hajime Isayama’s terrifying world. They provide side stories that show more of certain characters that may not get enough focus in the main series. Attack On Titan has a number of these OADs, but in the past, they only existed with English subtitles. That’s all changing soon, though, now that Crunchyroll is officially giving them English dubs.

New Dubs

There are 3 OAD side series with 8 episodes in total between them. The names of the series are Attack On Titan: Ilse’s NotebookAttack On Titan: Lost Girls, and Attack On Titan: No Regrets.

attack on titan ilses notebook
A shot from ‘Attack On Titan: Ilse’s Notebook’

Ilse’s Notebook is the only one adapted from original Hajime Isayama material. It adapts a special chapter from Volume 5 of the AoT manga. No Regrets is from a spin-off manga written by Gun Snark. Those episodes follow Levi Ackerman before he joins the Survey Corps in his days as a criminal. Lost Girls is from a light novel by Hiroshi Seko. It’s an anthology of short stories following Misa Ackerman and Annie Leonhart.

All of these OADs have come out over the years, but only for subtitle viewers. Crunchyroll has given confirmation that the English dubs will be officially arriving on the platform on May 8th. These stories are perfect for dedicated fans who are hungry for any more material outside of what has already come out in the main show. As of right now, these OADs are the only side content it appears fans may ever get. No other spin-offs have any kind of official announcement just yet.

More Attack On Titan

Once these OADs have their English dubs, there won’t be any more Attack On Titan material left to receive dubbing besides the final two episodes of the series. The Final Season, Part 3, Episode 1 still has yet to receive its English dub. Fans continue to patiently wait, even though at this point it’s long overdue and still there’s no dub in sight. The release of the finale episode for the series creeps closer and closer. If the second-to-last episode took this long to produce a dub, the wait for the finale could take some time. Something that doesn’t bode well for dub fans who are hoping to avoid the spoilers that will undoubtedly go flying around the Internet once the finale is here.

attack on titan lost girls annie
Annie in ‘Attack On Titan: Lost Girls’

The finale episode for Attack On Titan is premiering sometime in the fall of this year.

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