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What Has ‘The Circle’ Season 3 Winner Been Doing?

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Nick Davis

James Andre Jefferson Jr. is the winner of The Circle Season 3. He’s also potentially the most impressive winner the show has seen so far. He’s the only winner to not have entered the game on day 1. He was the second-to-last contestant entering in Season 3, and swept everyone away in his relatively brief time playing the game. He was a strong social player who ended up being made an influencer multiple times in the last few days.

So what has James been doing since winning the $100,000 prize? Is he still doing stand-up in LA? Has he taken the money and tried to pursue something else in life? James is taking the notoriety he found in The Circle and playing it to his advantage.

Life After ‘The Circle’

James is a standup comedian living in LA. Coming into The Circle, that comedic talent gave him a great advantage. His sense of humor resonated well with the other players. The fans also found his commentary throughout his time on the show very entertaining. Post-victory, James is continuing to use that comedic talent across social media.

He has a very active Instagram, YouTube channel, Twitter, and TikTok. He regularly posts comedic videos on each. The videos are generally either comedic reactions or commentary to various strange videos James finds across the internet, or small rants/bits of stand-up he posts about issues he’s been thinking about. Many of his YouTube videos have garnered tens of thousands of views. His following across every platform is similar in numbers. It is clear people are very interested in following James and continuing to laugh with him well past his time on The Circle.

James also hosts a podcast. The podcast serves almost as longer-form content to what can be found on his social media. Rants and comedic observations delivered in an hour or more about issues James finds important or hilarious. Either way, it’s good content. Highly recommended for anyone who was a fan of James’ various jokes and talks on The Circle.

He also interacts with his fellow Season 3 cast members on social media occasionally. It seems he still has a good relationship with many of his former castmates, which is always a heartwarming sight for fans to see.

James the circle 3 youtube
James’ Youtube channel

New Circle

It is still unknown when the next season of The Circle will be dropping on Netflix. It doesn’t seem to have started filming yet and no release date or any other details have been announced. Hopefully, they’re hard at work crafting a great social experience and we can expect more great characters like James coming out of the show soon.

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