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‘The Circle’ Season 4: How Did Scary Spice Walk Her Dog?

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The Circle Season 4 kicked off with Scary and Baby Spice of The Spice Girls entering the game. The musicians, however, were not playing to win. Instead, they had a secret mission to try and up the price money. Baby and Scary Spice shared an apartment as they stepped into the profile of a children’s author named Jared in an attempt to dupe the rest of the players. If Scary and Baby Spice are successful in going undetected as a catfish, the prize money will be upped for the players.

As those who have already watched the first four episodes know, Scary and Baby Spice were NOT alone in their apartment. Scary Spice also brought her tiny dog Cookie along for the ride. Both the viewers at home (and the players) and some pretty mixed feelings about The Spice Girls joining the game. But, some fans had one big question. How did Scary Spice walk her dog during her time living in The Circle?

The Circle - Scary Spice - Baby Spice Youtube

The Circle Season 4: How did Scary Spice walk her dog?

The Circle paints the elusion of a group of cast members that are more or less trapped in an apartment during the duration of the game. They find ways to entertain themselves in the room. They enjoy a few comfort items they brought with them. But, do they ever get to leave their room? This presented an interesting question as fans realized Scary Spice brought her dog along for the ride. How did she take the dog for a walk if she didn’t leave the room?

Technically, they do leave their rooms. As those that have watched previous seasons of the show know, there are other rooms in the house including a hot tub on the roof of the apartment building the show takes place. Subscribers at home assume the cast members each have designated times when they can leave their rooms and enjoy the various amenities in other rooms such as the workout room and the hot tub.

The Circle - Scary Spice - baby Spice Instagram
The Circle – Scary Spice – Baby Spice Instagram

Considering Scary and Baby Spice are celebrities and aren’t really playing the game in the same fashion, it is possible they aren’t as “trapped” in their rooms as everyone else. Likewise, it is possible there is someone on the inside from production that walks the dog for Scary Spice. Or, it is possible the cast members also get time to stretch their legs and walk outside of the apartment complex.

Did you wonder how Scary Spice might walk her dog while playing this game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more.

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