‘The Circle’ Season 5: ‘Big Brother’ Alum Joins The Cast

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The first few episodes of The Circle Season 5 just dropped and fans who stay away from Netflix news to avoid spoilers have learned: A Big Brother alum has joined the cast. Which member of the CBS reality TV series has decided to take a stab at the social media competition? Keep reading for the details.

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Big Brother alum joins The Circle Season 5 cast

Brett Robinson from Season 20 of Big Brother has decided to join the cast of The Circle. Carter Matt reports this news shouldn’t come as a total shock to anyone who actually watched Brett on Season 20. One of the reasons why he was a fan favorite was because of how “over the top” and entertaining his confessionals were. Netflix’s The Circle is a reality TV series that largely involves people living in small apartments and talking to themselves all day. So, casting someone who has already proven to be entertaining during confessionals was a smart move on the streaming giant’s part.

Early on in episode one, the host of the reality TV series doesn’t hold back taking a little jab at Brett’s massive ego as he sets up his profile. Brett is extremely confident in himself and his appearance as he admits he couldn’t see himself entering the competition as anyone other than himself.

One of Brett’s fellow competitors in The Circle, Marvin Achi, was also supposed to be on Big Brother. Technically, Marvin was supposed to be a houseguest on Season 24 of the CBS series. Production, however, ended up swapping him out for someone else after learning he was stacking up on various reality TV shows.

For those who have only briefly tuned into the first episode, it is unclear as to whether Brett will be forthcoming about his reality TV history. But, he is entering the house as himself. So, there is a strong possibility someone will recognize him. Especially Marvin Achi, consider him coming very close to being on Big Brother as well.

The first few episodes of The Circle Season 5 are now available to stream via Netflix.

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