‘The Kardashians’ Kylie Jenner Admits To Being Drunk On The Job

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While work life can get a bit stressful for everyone, The Kardashians are always taking on more and more. As Kylie Jenner steps into multiple roles, she admits she was getting drunk on the job.

The Kardashians Fans Catch Everything

Undeniably, The Kardashians‘ lifestyle is full of glitz and glamour, but at times it comes with a hefty price tag. Without a doubt, the world is always watching the famous family. From weight loss to public intoxication, not much slips past the eagle-eyed fans. With so many public outings, it is hard to keep much privacy in their buzzing environment. While Kylie Jenner has been noticeably slimming her figure, she is also sharing sweet moments from her personal life. On Mother’s Day, fans got to see her with her darling children she shares with Travis Scott: daughter Stormi, five, and son Aire, one. Likewise, she is making big strides in her business endeavors with Kylie Cosmetics and Sprinter. However, on a recent occasion, she also admitted to getting drunk on the job.

Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner , and Kris Jenner enjoying a little wine.- KUWTK
Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Kris Jenner enjoyed a little wine.- KUWTK

Kylie Jenner Takes On A Heavy Workload

From time to time, everyone’s workload gets a little heavy. Undeniably, Kim Kardashian was showing hers was spilling over during the last season of The Kardashians. However, Kylie Jenner has seemingly kept a better balance by gradually building her makeup empire. But now she is branching out into a new business. Has the load gotten so overwhelming she is drinking on the job? Well, yes and no. Although it could be the case for any of the highly motivated Kardashian-Jenner entrepreneurs, it appears Kylie is just partaking in the product. With her new blooming business with Sprinter, she is taking the flavor profiles to a new level. But that requires product testers along the way which she is happy to oblige. On Kylie’s Instagram, she shows off a meeting that has her getting tipsy.

Kylie Jenner, Kylie Cosmetics - Instagram
Kylie Jenner, Kylie Cosmetics – Instagram

Kylie Jenner Is Letting Her Hair Down

During the clip, Kylie Jenner shows test shot after test shot of Sprinter trying to find the right flavor profile for her new brand. Originally her vodka-soda drink, Sprinter, had its launch in March. Within the video, Kylie shows the process of evaluating the new flavors. Jotting down notes, Kylie is partaking in the product. A glance at the notepad says: “Sprinter new flavors!!” She adds, “Testing testing,” to the top of the video clip. Then she took several sips of her shots on camera and delightfully said, “Ooo…I like this one!” But within the clip, she adds, “I’m tipsy.” Admittedly, she likes the perks of the job, commenting, “My favorite meetings.”

Kylie Jenner getting drunk on the job. - Instagram
Kylie Jenner getting drunk on the job. – Instagram

Fans Aren’t Sure About Kylie Jenner’s New Brand

Although Kylie Jenner shows herself having a fun meeting to determine the new flavors, seemingly this is in response to the criticism the brand is receiving. Initially, with the launch of the first round of Sprinter, the flavors included lime, peach, black cherry, and grapefruit. However, some fans on Instagram were vocal about those being “boring.”

  • “Boring flavors for real.”
  • “Who would even risk buying this stuff?”
  • “Literally not buying s**t else from you girl lol.”
  • “Every day a new product.”
Her new brand Sprinter. - Instagram
Kylie Jenner’s new brand Sprinter. – Instagram

Have you tried the new Sprinter drinks? What do you think about Kylie Jenner’s new product? Do you want a job where you can drink or do you already have one? Are you ready for the new episodes of The Kardashians? Drop your comments below.

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