Pat Sajak Gets A Kick Out Of Fans’ New Favorite Player

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Recently, Wheel Of Fortune fans saw current host, Pat Sajak, crack up over a player and his antics. While some thought Pat was the happiest they had seen him in a long time, others were critical of his actions.

Is Wheel Of Fortune Wearing On Pat Sajak?

Lately, most of the chatter for Wheel Of Fortune surrounds the impending retirement of longtime host, Pat Sajak. While many fans are sad to see the iconic host leaving, others are ready for the new change. Undoubtedly, a huge transition like replacing a well-vetted host who has been on the show for over four decades comes with some nerves. As the new guy, Ryan Seacrest has a few apprehensions. However, the show will go on! Likewise, Ryan will have support from Vanna White and Pat’s daughter, Maggie Sajak, after Pat’s departure. In some ways, Pat seems ready to get on with his retirement. Without a doubt, holding any job for over forty years has to wear on a person.

Pat Sajak And Fans Meet A Great Player

But fans noticed that Pat Sajak was the happiest they had seen in a long time. After meeting the competitor, Larry, Pat couldn’t help but chuckle with delight over some of his responses. Likewise, on the Tuesday, April 9 edition of Wheel Of Fortune, fans find him to be an instant new favorite. Undeniably, Larry was full of positive vibes. During the introductions, Pat and the fans learn that Larry’s wife is a semi-pro tap dancer who performed at his alma mater Howard University. Additionally, the couple shares two children and they have been in a marriage for twelve years together.

Pat Sajak and fans alike enjoy Larry. - Wheel Of Fortune
Pat Sajak and fans alike enjoy Larry. – Wheel Of Fortune

Larry Had A Few Set Backs

Certainly, fans enjoyed seeing him play. Although he had some bad luck with catching “bankruptcy” on a spin at one point, he gained $2000 back. Additionally, he wasn’t the favorite for winning since the episode sadly didn’t end that way. However, fans love his upbeat energy. But Larry’s lovableness didn’t come without some struggle. Unfortunately, during the episode of Wheel Of Fortune, the very likable guy was sweating profusely. Seemingly, Pat Sajak or the makeup crew could have stepped in, but they didn’t. Even after each commercial break, he had sweat dripping down his face. Notably, fans felt horrible for him.

  • On X, one fan says, “This poor man is sweating on #WheelOfFortune. Makeup staff needs to intervene!”
  • Another fan adds, “Why is he so wet?”
  • Someone else suggests, “Larry needs a towel.”
Larry was very likable even though he hit some setbacks. - Wheel Of Fortune
Larry was very likable even though he hit some setbacks. – Wheel Of Fortune

Pat Sajak Gets A Kick Out Of Talking With Larry

What Wheel Of Fortune fans love about Larry is his high spirits. For instance, after a fun-loving solve, he threw his hands in the air and then had a celebration dance. His excitement came after solving the puzzle: “Chocolate Lover.” Furthermore, watching the happy dance from Larry made Pat Sajak burst out in laughter. Then he asks Larry, “If you tell me that was your nickname in coll- high school…” Larry went with the flow, answering, “Call me the chocolate lover I’m here for it!” Then Pat jokes, “Hey good to see money on your name.” Likewise, he mentions how much fun it was Larry was there. Pat says, “It was a treat having you.”

  • One fan says, “That is the happiest Pat has been on the show in months.”
  • But another fan couldn’t believe Pat Sajak would say such a thing. They say, “I cannot believe he said it, nor did they edit it out.”
Pat Sajak gets a kick out of Larry dancing after solving the puzzle. - Wheel Of Fortune
Pat Sajak gets a kick out of Larry dancing after solving the puzzle. – Wheel Of Fortune

Although Kalesha took the episode win, Larry graciously clapped. But Kalesha didn’t get the bonus puzzle, “Evaluating The Work.” Sadly, she didn’t get the extra $50,000 but took home $22,000 anyway. And Larry may not have got the money, but his lovable personality was a winner for the fans.

What do you think about Larry becoming the newest fan favorite? Did you enjoy him? Are you happy to see Pat Sajak enjoying himself before retirement? Are you sad to see the longtime host leaving Wheel Of Fortune? Drop your comments below.

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