‘Live’ Kelly Ripa Gets Huge Honor From Disney

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Kelly Ripa worked for variously named Live shows on ABC for decades and Disney has now honored her. Of course, the giant and popular companies are closely aligned through acquisition. It’s not the first time that the wife of Mark Consuelos featured in something special for The Walt Disney Company.

Kelly Ripa Was Honored By Disney Last Year As Well

On the 100th anniversary of Disney, Mark’s wife hosted the Wonderful World of Disney’s presentation of Encanto. Not every talk show host in the world gets that sort of honor. However, the Live with Kelly and Mark star and her husband previously worked in the massive entertainment business. In fact, you might recall they co-produced their Disney+ show, Family Reboot.

Family Reboot Produced By Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos - Disney+ YouTube
Family Reboot Produced By Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos – Disney+ YouTube

Of course, the Live with Kelly and Mark star featured as the host for Disney Parks Magical Christmas functions for years. And, as an actress, Kelly Ripa’s been involved in working with film, animation, and more in her lifetime. Mark Consuleos has also been involved with that sort of thing. So quite often, they get various gigs outside of the morning talk show on ABC. This time, the mom of three kids landed a special honor.

Mark Consuelos & Kelly Discuss Her Disney Honor On Live

In Wednesday’s talk show, Mark Consuelos made the announcement about his wife who will become a Disney Legend this year. What is a Disney Legend? Well, creative people who served the company well get a plaque with symbols on it. They represent creative power, skills, and the combined result of magical entertainment. People reported that alongside her this year will be, “fellow greats like Angela Bassett, Harrison Ford, Miley Cyrus, James Cameron, John Williams, and Jamie Lee Curtis.”

Live with Kelly and Mark host Kelly Ripa is a Disney legend - Twitter (X)
Live with Kelly and Mark host Kelly Ripa is a Disney legend – Twitter (X)

Kelly Ripa seemed a bit humbled by the honor of being a Disney Legend as she told her husband that it means “Free entry into Disneyland,” adding after a small pause, “for the day.” 

The outlet also cited the ABC host as saying:

It’s just … it just blows me away. When I looked at the lineup, I turned to Mark and said, ‘One of these things does not belong.”… I’ve worked for Disney for almost 34 years. So it’s very funny. I don’t know if it’s a family thing but we settle down in a company and we just die there.

The host of Live with Kelly and Mark quipped to her audience that they should “fly to California” to attend the special induction ceremony. Meanwhile, Mark Consuelos talked about how “proud” he felt, assuring her that she deserved the honor alongside the other greats.

What are your thoughts about Kelly Ripa being made a Disney Legend? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Live with Kelly and Mark news.

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