Kelly Ripa Announces New TV Gig, Is She Leaving ‘Live’?

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Live with Kelly and Mark host, Kelly Ripa just landed a new gig and she’s so excited about it. Mark Consuelos also landed a gig, but that one only lasted a few days. Will the new opportunity for his wife mean that she’s finally decided to leave the talk show? Read on to find out.

Retirement From The Live Kelly Ripa Show

2023 brings plenty of speculation and news about the host of the ABC talk show retiring. She mentioned it first, in a joking way. However given her many absences from the show, people took her seriously. Later, Mark spoke about it as well. And, he revealed it’s on her mind. However, she’s unlikely to leave in the very near future. And yet, the subject of retirement just won’t go away. It keeps resurrecting.

Kelly Ripa recently chatted with Ryan Seacrest on her Let’s Talk Off Camera podcast. Although he stuck with American Idol and took on Wheel of Fortune, he was able to find some time for a nice long vacation this summer. Clearly, he loves not being so tied in with the talk show. When asked if he plans on retiring soon, he threw the question back at the former actress. She claimed, “I’m so close [to retirement].” 

Live Kelly Ripa Takes On A New Gig

With all this talk about retirement from Live with Kelly and Mark, talk show fans might wonder if the new gig will take her away from the set permanently. If you love the host, then once again, for now, you can relax. In fact like her husband’s gig, it’s only of short duration. However, that didn’t make her any less excited about it. During a recent episode of the talk show, she revealed what it’s all about.

Live with Kelly and Mark host, Kelly Ripa talked about her new TV gig - Twitter X
Live with Kelly and Mark – Kelly Ripa talked about her new TV gig – Twitter X

The Sun reported that Kelly Ripa got about ten minutes into the episode and then she told everyone what was up. In fact, Mark pretended he didn’t know about it, and asked her to tell him her news. The outlet cited her as saying, “So on Sunday night, I am hosting The Wonderful World of Disney, Disney’s 100th anniversary.” Explaining more about it, she said, “They’re going to show a brand new world premiere of Disney’s animated short Once Upon a Studio, based on the 100th year of Disney.”

Where To Watch

Kelly Ripa told fans how they can see it happen: “It’s the broadcast premiere of Encanto, and it’s Sunday night on ABC at 8 pm.

Are you happy to hear that the new gig for Live Kelly Ripa won’t be forever? Will you tune in on ABC and watch the animated short, Once Upon a Studio to celebrate the 100th year of Disney? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And, come back here often for more updates about the host of Live with Kelly and Mark. 

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