‘Live’ Mark Consuelos Discusses Kelly Ripa’s Retirement

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The Live with Kelly and Mark co-host, Mark Consuelos responded to all the talk about Kelly Ripa considering retirement. Certainly, she dropped enough hints that it’s definitely on her mind. So, did he clarify if and when fans of the talk show can expect her departure? Scroll down to find out.

Live Mark Consuelos Weighs In On Kelly Ripa & Retirement

Recently, a lot of people have talked about the possible retirement of Kelly from the ABC talk show. In actual fact, the discussions on social media started up after Ryan Seacrest left the show. Initially, she kickstarted it all by suggesting that perhaps she should consider retiring as well At the time, she joked about how she hated the idea of working with her real husband.

Mark Consuelos joined his wife as the co-host on Live, and she didn’t retire. Instead, Kelly started pre-recording episodes, and that infuriated a lot of people. Actually, her absence became so marked, that fans thought she might suffer from ill health. All the while, she kept silent about the retirement rumors. Mind you, speculations about her retiring has been around for years. This week, her husband spoke about the possibilities.

Mark Consuelos Talks About Kelly In An Interview

On September 11, Kelly’s husband spoke with ET Online‘s Nischelle Turner. The outlet cited Mark as saying that his wife’s been hosting the show for close to 23 years. So, does he believe that retirement comes down the highway? The short answer is “yes.” He replied to a question about it, saying, “I think it’s a real thing.” Additionally, he talked about how she “deserves” a nice rest because she poured her heart and soul into Live with Kelly and Mark.

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Mark Consuelos can’t clarify when the host of the ABC talk show plans her retirement. Fans already know that she thinks about it. He said, “I know she’s having a good time, I’m having a really, really good time,” so he doesn’t “think it’s gonna be anytime soon.” Kelly’s in her fifties now, but she started working young. The idea of not rising at the crack of dawn to get in front of a camera every day might not be something she wants just yet.

Mark Just Started Enjoying The Show

Mark Consuelos spoke about how much he enjoys working on the talk show. He said, “I love the show because I know it’s always going to be fun.” He feels comfortable with Kelly, explaining, “I know that she’s not going to let me fail. She has chemistry with everybody, and I feel supported — and I think she feels the same way with me next to her.”

Certainly, it seems that Mark might feel disappointed if his wife leaves in the near future. So for now, fans might as well stop worrying about it.

What do you think of Kelly Ripa often talking about retirement? Do you think her decision might come at any time? How badly does Mark actually need the show anyway? When she leaves Live with Kelly and Mark will you ever watch a replacement talk show? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about your favorite talk shows and hosts. 

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