Kelly Ripa Requests Time Off On Air To Explore Different TV Show

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During a recent episode of Live With Kelly & Mark, Kelly Ripa very boldly asked for time off for both her and her husband, Mark Consuelos. Turns out, she wanted the time off so the couple could go participate in a different TV show. A game show to be more specific. What TV show was Kelly Ripa wanting to explore with her husband, Mark? Keep reading for a recap on what happened during the show.

Kelly Ripa Requests Time Off On Air To Explore Different TV Show

The Live With Kelly & Mark host made a very bold request on air recently. She wanted time off. For both herself and her husband, Mark. She wanted the time off so the couple could jet off to Dublin and participate in a game show.

Randy Jackson was a guest on Live With Mark & Kelly today. He’s the host of Name That Tune. The game show is a reboot of the OG game from the 50s. The purpose of the game show is for contestants to test their knowledge of music.

While talking about Randy Jackson’s game show, Mark jokes that he believed his wife Kelly Ripa should be a contestant on the show. Randy Jackson quickly extended an invitation. He clarified the door was open any time Kelly or even her husband Mark wanted to come be on the show.

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Mark Consuelos leaned in once he realized he had been offered an invite too. He admitted he wouldn’t mind taking a trip to Dublin.

Speaking to the producer, Kelly Ripa proceeds to very boldly declare that she and Mark were going to need some time off to take a trip together. Everyone on set found the moment funny. Randy Jackson added they could make it a family affair and Kelly Ripa’s entire family could come to the show.

Check out a clip featuring Randy Jackson on Live With Mark & Kelly below:

Live With Kelly & Mark Fans React To Randy Jackson

Live With Kelly & Mark fans admit they were stunned by Randy Jackson’s tremendous weight loss. Many agreed he looked like an entirely different person. One fan noted “he shrunk” referring to Randy. Likewise, many fans agreed Kelly and Mark should absolutely make the trip and compete on the game show.

In addition to a video with a clip of Randy Jackson on the show, a photo of Kelly and Mark standing beside Randy was also uploaded to the show’s official Instagram account.

Do you think the producer should give Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos time off? Should they go compete on Name That Tume? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more updates on all your favorite talk show hosts.

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