‘Live’ Kelly Ripa Has Huge New Disney Gig

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Talk show host Kelly Ripa landed a huge new hosting gig with Disney. ABC took to the network’s official Instagram account yesterday to share the exciting news. What exactly was this exciting new Disney gig that Kelly landed? Keep reading for the details.

Live Kelly Ripa Has Huge New Disney Gig

The Walt Disney Company celebrates its 100-year anniversary today (October 16th). In honor of its 100-year anniversary, Disney and ABC aired The Wonderful World of Disney: Disney’s 100th Anniversary Celebration yesterday. TV show personality Kelly Ripa had the honor of being a part of the celebration.

The network penned an announcement about her incredible honor on Instagram yesterday: “It’s time to join Kelly Ripa as she hosts the Wonderful World of Disney’s presentation of Encanto with a never before seen short film ONCE UPON A STUDIO #Disney100” 


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In the comments, fans praised Kelly Ripa for doing an incredible job hosting. Moreover, they applauded how incredible Once Upon A Studio was.

What Is Once Upon A Studio?

Once Upon A Studio is a short film created in honor of Disney’s 100th birthday that aired on television last night. The short featured an emotional reunion of all the Disney characters created over the past 100 years. This emotional short shows how chaos ensues when Goofy tries to snap a photo and how the characters work together to make the magic of Disney happen.

The short involved production digging into the vault and grabbing old voice clips from movies for actors and actresses who are no longer alive. For example, old clips of Robin Williams’ voice were used to make his character Genie a part of the short.


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Noticeably, even Asha from Disney’s new movie Wish was part of the short even though the movie doesn’t hit theaters until the end of next month.

How Can Fans Watch Once Upon A Studio?

Unfortunately, The Wonderful World Of Disney’s Presentation Of Encanto featuring Kelly Ripa as a host does not appear to be available for streaming as it was a live special. Encanto, however, can be streamed on Disney+. Likewise, Once Upon A Studio can be streamed for the next week on Hulu. After a week, Once Upon A Studio will no longer be available on Hulu. Disney fans, however, can also stream the 100-year anniversary short via Disney+.


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At the end of the special, ABC took to Instagram to thank viewers for tuning in to watch Encanto with Kelly Ripa as the host. In response, fans noted that Encanto was a truly beautiful movie. And, they enjoyed singing along to the beautiful film.

Did you watch Encanto with Kelly Ripa yesterday? Did you check out Once Upon A Studio? Can you believe Disney is officially 100 years old today? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more TV news.


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