Kelly Ripa Calls Out Audience Make Out Session Over Vacuum

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa from Live with Kelly and Mark, ABC

During the Live With Kelly And Mark show, you just can’t predict what will happen. Unquestionably, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos bring a variety of life with each episode. Paired with the unpredictable component that comes with a live audience and phone contestants. With that, it is a new day every day with the Live show.

Mark Consuelos Spins Curveballs At Kelly Ripa All The Time

Recently, Mark Consuelos spiced up the show with an NSFW double entendre. In the Live with Kelly And Mark opening Mark Consuelos wished his wife Kelly Ripa a happy birthday. He said, “It is my wife’s birthday today!” But, she diverted saying instead it was their niece Maddie’s birthday. As they moved on, Mark let her know he chose his “birthday suit” for Kelly. While smiling extra big, he motioned to the black suit he was wearing. Many people know the saying “birthday suit” as a euphemism for the term wearing nothing or being naked. But, Mark pointed innocently at the literal suit he was wearing. While Kelly caught his intent, she politely thanked Mark for wearing his “birthday suit.” Contributing to the fun she acknowledged she “loved his birthday suit.”


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Pick A Number, Any Number

Unexpectantly, near the end of the Pack Your Bags: Travel Trivia segment on October 9, Kelly witnessed something in the audience that caught her attention. When the segment was coming to a close they offered a chance for an audience member to win an iRobot Roomba vacuum. In the middle of the show, Kelly Ripa called out two audience members for practically “making out” during the Live With Kelly And Mark show.

Then, Kelly asked Charles, the contestant on the phone to “pick a number between one and one hundred and fifty-nine.” Before the show, each audience member was assigned a number. Then Charles picked a number to determine the winner with his random choice.  His selected number was the lucky number “thirteen.” Once Charles called out the number, the winning audience member immediately popped up! With lots of excitement, he was on his feet, clapping, and waving with the overflow of happiness.

Kelly Ripa Can’t Help But React

Panning back to Kelly and Mark Consuelos, their smiles erupted into laughter. What wasn’t seen on camera, was the audience member turning to the person next to them and kissing the other audience member. As Mark saw it he commented, “That was nice. She was very excited for him.” However, Kelly asks, “Did you two just meet in the audience?” She continued saying, “They’re so excited to never have to vacuum again!” Pointing out, “They were like, making out just now! Good for you two.” Assumedly, the lady next to him was his wife, but it made for a funny Live interaction.

What do you think about Kelly Ripa calling out the audience members? How do you think the Live With Kelly And Mark Show is going? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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