‘Teen Mom:’ Ryan Edwards BUSTED By Cops, For What?

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MTV’s Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards is playing with fire. Despite being furloughed from jail, the reality TV personality made it clear he isn’t willing to risk it all as he plays fast and loose with the rules of the road. Turns out, Ryan Edwards was busted by the cops a month ago for doing something alarmingly dangerous. Furthermore, he’s due in court to face the music for his actions next week.

What exactly did the cops bust him for? Keep reading for the surprising details.

Teen Mom: Ryan Edwards BUSTED By Cops, For What?

Per an exclusive report from The Ashley, Ryan Edwards was BUSTED by the cops on October 7th for exceeding the speed limit by an alarmingly high number. The MTV personality was cited for three charges including reckless driving. Surprisingly, he was NOT arrested at the time. Likewise, The Ashley confirms he did not cause any accidents with his reckless driving.

Ryan Edwards was reportedly going 80 miles over the 65-speed limit while traveling in Tennessee near his parents’ home. He was on his motorcycle when his speed was clocked at 145 MPH.

His Current Legal Situation

At this time, it is unclear as to whether these charges will weigh in on his present legal situation. As fans know, Ryan Edwards was sent to a rehab halfway home after he completed his 28-day rehab treatment. The Teen Mom star was granted a furlough from his one-year jail sentence so he could receive his rehab treatment.

The Ashley confirms that on October 7th, when he was busted by the police for excessively speeding, Ryan was still on his furlough from jail.

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Ryan Edwards Playing With Fire

Unfortunately, driving 145 MPH isn’t the first time the MTV personality has played with fire and gambled with his life. As fans will recall, Ryan Edwards was discovered unconscious inside of his truck back in April. The truck was reportedly still running and shifted into drive.

Per The Ashley, Ryan passed out after snorting something. He received Narcan via emergency responders. Then, he was rushed to a nearby hospital. Shockingly Ryan Edwards admitted during his appearance on MTV’s Teen Mom: The Next Chapter reunion special just a month ago that he didn’t accidentally overdose.

Ryan Edwards Mackenzie Edwards Teen Mom YouTube MTV

During his hearing back in April, Ryan was told by the judge that it was time for him to get his life sorted out. Unfortunately, his run-in with the law last month due to his excessive speeding suggests he did not listen to the judge.

Are you surprised Ryan Edwards would speed at such an alarmingly high rate on a motorcycle while he was on furlough from jail? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more MTV news on your favorite reality TV stars.

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  1. I like Ryan, I think deep down he is a good person. He just has a lot of demons. I hope he gets the
    help he needs, because his actions show he has a death wish! I wish he would stop to think what it would do to
    his kids if he were gone. They need him and love him. Ryan needs to wake up and grow up!

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