‘Teen Mom’ Ryan Edwards’ Prison Has Horrendous Backstory

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Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards is currently serving a year sentence in a prison with a horrendous backstory. He has had his issues which led him to where he is today. Yet, Silverdale Detention Center has a bad rep and the stories just keep getting scarier. What goes on behind the prison walls and is Ryan safe where he is? Read on for more details.

Teen Mom Ryan Edwards’ Prison Horrendous Backstory Revealed

When Ryan Edwards last got into trouble, the judge decided it was time the Teen Mom star served time. He had already been arrested for a handful of issues in 2023. Not only was he arrested for drugs but also for harassment. His strange wife, Mackenzie then requested a restraining order against Ryan which he apparently violated. The last straw was driving under the influence as well as having a controlled substance. He was sentenced to just under one year at Silverdale.

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However, this place has an awful history, according to The Sun. It has been called the “most dangerous place to be” which is saying a lot. Why is it being billed like that? The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office owns and runs Silverdale but was sued this year by the family of a late inmate. Per the suit against Hamilton County: “Silverdale has long had the reputation of being a poorly run and dangerous jail. Inmates have been attacked and injured by other inmates armed with makeshift weapons, including stabbings with ‘shanks,’ or jail knives. Silverdale inmates also have died due to medical neglect and maltreatment by staff, prompting numerous lawsuits.”

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That particular inmate went to Silverdale in March 2022 and was apparently very healthy upon entry. By the time he was admitted to the hospital seven months later, he was sixty pounds thinner. Allegedly, the inmate had not been eating or drinking for around a week and had been seen blacking out by his cellmate. Yet, they waited to do anything until it was seemingly too late. Sadly, that is not the only occurrence.

A Horrible Place

Along with the inmate dying, there is more to the place where Ryan Edwards is currently staying. The lawsuit reveals that there was a slew of stabbings that happened and the amount is alarming. “On October 5, 2020, five Silverdale inmates were charged with attempted first-degree murder arising from an attack on a fellow prisoner that lasted for one to two hours and left the victim with 73 stab wounds.” The following year, there were claims of additional stabbings. Then, in 2022, there were allegations of both rapes and a drug overdose. Therefore, this might not be the safest place for Ryan Edwards to find peace.

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