‘Teen Mom’: Ryan Edwards Arrested In Chattanooga, Tennessee

MacKenzie and Ryan Edwards - Instagram

Breaking Teen Mom OG news — Ryan Edwards, Mackenzie’s husband and baby daddy was arrested in Chattanooga, Tennessee. What landed the MTV father behind bars again? Keep reading for the details.

Teen Mom: Ryan Edwards arrested in Chattanooga, Tennessee

According to The Ashley, the MTV personality is currently behind bars in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He was arrested for violating a protective order that his wife Mackenzie had filed just two days prior.

As those who have followed their story know, Ryan Edwards has struggled with an addiction to drugs for years. When he was arrested, he was in possession of drug paraphernalia. He was reportedly in possession of “two bags of suspected narcotics.” So, he is facing charges for that in addition to violating the protective order his wife placed against him.

Ryan Edwards - YouTube
Ryan Edwards – YouTube

Things got nasty on Instagram

Per the same media outletTeen Mom OG fans took notice of Ryan making several Instagram posts this week because he believed his wife Mackenzie had been unfaithful. This included him posting a revealing photo of her with the words “spineless sl*t.”

On Wednesday, Ryan posted a photo of his wife wearing nothing but a leather jacket. The same day, the Chattanooga Police Department issued an active warrant for him for Harassment. On Hamilton County Sherriff’s Office’s Facebook, Mackenzie was listed as his victim.

Despite the protective order and the active warrant, Ryan continued to post more things about his wife on Thursday (yesterday).

In response to her husband’s actions, Mackenzie wiped her Instagram profile of all things Ryan. This included removing the word “wife” from her Instagram bio. Ryan also updated his bio seemingly referring to his wife as smelly trash.

Mackenzie Edwards - YouTube
Mackenzie Edwards – YouTube

Ryan was also served with an Order of Protection that required him to “immediately vacate” the home he shared with his wife. Today, MacKenzie reported to the Hamilton County, Tennessee Sheriff’s Department. She reported he violated the protective order by contacting her father on Thursday.

It was discovered that Ryan had violated the Order of Protection by contacting her father on February 9, 2023 advising him to let Mackenzie know he would be at the residence that same day to gather his belongings.

Initially, the cops couldn’t find Ryan Edwards

After the report, the Hamilton County, Tennessee Sheriff’s Department sent deputies to Mackenzie and Ryan’s home to arrest him. Unfortunately, he was not there. The deputies, however, did find a “considerable” amount of damage that they deduced to be caused by Ryan. Deputies caught up with Ryan at his place of employment where he was arrested today.

Ryan is currently behind bars facing three charges including possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and harassment.

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