‘Teen Mom’ Ryan Edwards’ Pricey New Endeavor, What Is It?

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Teen Mom alum Ryan Edwards is apparently desperate to make a buck. Along with his wife, Mackenzie, the two are trying to find ways to monetize from their names. Unfortunately, it seems that fans of the series are not so sure they have found the best way to go about it. So, what exactly are they doing to bring in money? Read on to find out.

From Teen Mom To Nothing

Viewers first met Ryan when he was dating Maci Bookout on 16 & Pregnant. They were expecting their first child together and had high hopes for a bright future. The two even got engaged and really tried to make it work, especially for their son, Bentley. They moved on to the spinoff, Teen Mom where they ultimately broke it off. Maci ended up moving on and married Taylor McKinney, whom she had two more kids with. As for her ex, he struggled a lot with drugs.

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His parents became the ones who would care for Bentley on his weekends and he was soon in rehab for heroin. He did move on with Mackenzie who was by his side through it all though there were a lot of rough patches. Then, a fight broke out between his dad and Maci’s husband. Plus, Maci no longer wanted Ryan and his family on the series anymore. Thus they were let go and Ryan’s cash cow was gone. So, how is he bringing in the dough since he is no longer on television? It’s interesting.

Money Maker Or Flop?

According to The Sun, without the Teen Mom money, Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards had to find a new way to make money. So, Mackenzie decided to charge fans on Instagram $4.99 for a subscription. Every month, subscribers will pay this fee and get a badge, exclusive fan access, and entry to special group chats. The big question for a lot of fans was why would someone spend money on them? Soon, a Reddit thread was started and Redditors went wild:

Teen Mom/YouTube
Mackenzie, Ryan
  •  “Lmao!! Who in their right mind would pay this woman to view her posts?”
  • “What the f**k…who is going to sign up for this? They weren’t even [the] main people on the show.”
  • “So Ryan and Mackenzie just went from $705k/season to zero. She’s delusional thinking this will solve that.”
  • “Pathetic. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the snake who married a very high Ryan.”
  • “Are they off the show?”

So it appears that not many people are really going to spend $4.99/month on Mackenzie’s exclusive content. Good luck to them, though. They will surely find employment somewhere that is not solely social media based.

Would you spend money every month on their content? What Teen Mom alum would you subscribe to? Let us know.

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