Maci Bookout Goes After Ryan Edwards For ‘Never Checking’ On Bentley

Maci Bookout is going after her ex Ryan Edwards once again. The Teen Mom star is furious with the 33-year-old Ryan for his lack of interest in the former couple’s 12-year-old son Bentley.

Bookout,29, took to social media blasting Ryan, posting, “you CAN’T love a child you never check on.” Maci Bookout shared the quote with her Teen Mom followers, also writing, ‘Say it louder.”

The Sun reports that Maci Bookout has had enough of Ryan Edwards’s bogus parenting for their son. But, of course, MTV fans are well aware that these two will never see eye-to-eye when it comes to Bentley.

Maci Bookout Claims Ryan Edwards Ignores Bentley

Maci Bookout’s recent social media blast will surely fire up Ryan’s current wife, Mackenzie. Mac,24, and Maci have never been friends. However, the two women can often be seen on social media tossing back and forth hostile comments.

Mackenzie’s most recent cryptic post reveals a picture of a quote reading;
“No one watches you harder than the person who can’t stand you.”

Teen Mom fans quickly assumed that Mac’s words are directly for Maci. Then, last February, family friction began to build after Bentley refused to join Ryan, Mac, and family for a birthday party for his half-brother Jagger.

Bentley has reportedly been feeling very neglected by his father, Ryan. The tween has even suggested that the two attend counseling sessions to work on strengthening their relationship. The request for counseling did not go over well with Ryan and Mac, who immediately accuses Maci of being behind Bentley’s sudden need for therapy.

Ryan Blames Maci For Bentley’s Attitude

Bookout claims that she has always wanted Bentley and Ryan to have a good relationship, she has always encouraged Ryan and his parents to spend time with Bentley.

However, sadly, Ryan Edwards’s addiction issues have often altered the ability to be a good father. It has caused many heartaches and arguments among the Edwards family and Maci. Bookout reveals her number one priority is and will always be protecting her children, and that means putting their safety first. No matter how anyone else feels about it.

Things have been difficult for Bentley. First, he has to understand the complicated relationship between his mom and dad. Not to mention being caught in the middle of the crossfire between his parents, grandparents, and half-siblings.

It is always hard on the family when the parents live separately. However, it complicates things when mom and dad and new significant others do not get along. According to Bookout, it is even more complicated when you feel your dad doesn’t have time for you or even care to make the time. So it is a lot for any young boy to handle. Moreover, the stress of it all can be exhausting. So it comes as no surprise that Bentley chooses not to engage with the Edwards’ clan from time to time.

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Taylor McKinney Steps Up As Bentley’s Role Model

Thankfully, Maci always has the full support of her husband, Taylor McKinney, with who Maci shares two other children, with has no problem stepping in as Bentley’s father figure and male role model.

Teen Mom fans claim they admire Maci Bookout for the way she handles all the trying family issues. Fans continue to wish Bentley the best and respect Maci and Taylor to put his best interest first and foremost. Hopefully, one day sooner rather than later, Ryan Edwards may decide to step up before he loses his son for good.

For now, fans are sitting on the edge, awaiting the next round of social media shots from Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards.


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