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‘Teen Mom’: Maci Bookout Slammed By Fans For Bizarre Behavior

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Teen Mom OG fans are beginning to notice some strange changes taking place when it comes to Maci Bookout. Changes that have a lot of the MTV reality stars fans are growing very concerned about.

Maci Bookout has been one of the most popular  Teen Mom stars since the start of the MTV reality series. Fans have followed her story admiring her for her strong choices and parenting styles. That is up until recently according to The Sun. Bookout’s relationship with husband Taylor McKinney has been strained to say the least.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Maci Bookout Is Not Herself

It appears no matter how hard Taylor is trying to please Maci she is not happy with him and is constantly taking digs at him. However, last week’s episode of Teen Mom OG left fans not only furious with Bookout’s treatment of Taylor but very alarmed by her bizarre behavior.

Taylor and Maci are seen out to dinner in a very nice restaurant when the segment opens. McKinney appears nervous as he is attempting to hold a conversation with his wife.

Taylor states, “Ain’t it weird how oddly quiet it is?”

Bookout responds in a quiet and slow response, “Cause I don’t have to get up and get somebody some water or yell at somebody for chewing with their mouth open.”

Taylor continues eating and Maci then snaps saying to him, “I’m going to need earplugs for you eating that toast.”

Maci is very obviously annoyed by Taylor who responds “Well, there is no soft silent way to eat those.” McKinney then drops a piece of food to the floor accidentally and Maci murmurs, “Bless your heart.”

After a few awkward moments of silence when Taylor is finally getting annoyed by Maci and says” Thought this was going to be a relaxing dinner.”

Bookout then lays her head on the table and says, “I’m going to bed.”

Credit: Maci Bookout/ YouTube
Credit: Maci Bookout/YouTube

Will Taylor And Maci Bookout Stay Together?

The entire scene is somewhat disturbing and fans did not waste time before they began chiming in with their comments and opinions on Maci’s bizarre actions.

One commenter writes “She is completely wasted, and she is being completely vicious.”

“Maci is 100 percent drunk,” adds another. “It is giving me secondhand embarrassment.”

“Such gross behavior. What is happening with Maci? After everything with Ryan, how can she act like this? Sorry but this looks to be more than just alcohol, she sounds just like Ryan did on his wedding day.”

“Maci knows just how much Ryan Edwards drug and alcohol addiction has affected their son Bentley. If she has an alcohol and or/drug problem my heart is breaking for her children and Taylor. Taylor has stood by her through so much seeing her treat him badly is so sad,” adds another fan.

Credit: Maci Bookout/YouTube
Credit: Maci Bookout/YouTube

Are Hard Times Ahead For Maci?

Fans have been noticing this season on Teen Mom OG that Maci’s attitude has changed drastically, especially when it comes to how she treats Taylor. She is always snapping at him. Viewers have noticed that Maci wants Taylor to do all the parental work, but wants him to run all decisions past her first.

All the Maci Bookout drama went down during the Teen Mom OG season finale. This leaves fans with many unanswered questions such as does Maci have a drug and alcohol problem, and will Taylor and Maci split up? What are your thoughts on Maci Bookout’s recent bizarre behavior?


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