‘Teen Mom’ Ryan Edwards Does Big Cover-Up Amid Sober Journey

Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards has been making many positive life changes recently in his journey to sobriety. He shared one of the most recent changes on Instagram Stories last night. However, fans don’t seem to be impressed. Keep reading to see why.

Ryan Edwards Spends Time With His Son During Sober Journey

Just a few days ago, Ryan Edwards shared a photo on Instagram of himself and his son, Bentley. The pair appeared to enjoy a day out on the golf course together


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This was the first post the Teen Mom star has shared on the platform in just over 32 weeks. Many people hopped into the comment section to show their support for Ryan’s journey to sobriety.

One person commented, “I plead the blood of Jesus over you – you have GOT this!!! I am sober as well & i promise it’s so hard to see at first but life outside of that is SO worth it.” Others mentioned how great Ryan Edwards looks and many of them expressed being happy for him and his son.

Ryan Edwards-Instagram
Ryan Edwards-Instagram

A few people questioned one thing about the photo though. In the snapshot, there is a red mark over one of Ryan’s hands. Apparently, it was to hide an offensive tattoo that the Teen Mom star has become ashamed of.

The tattoo was graphic, showing a hand that had several fingers covered in period blood. There is no doubt that Ryan Edwards has become embarrassed about the tattoo over time, as evidenced by his hiding it in the recent photo.

Teen Mom Fans Aren’t Impressed With Ryan’s Changes

Last night, Ryan Edwards updated his Instagram Stories showing that he was getting this tattoo covered up. This is something many people who are getting sober do. They choose to cover up tattoos they are ashamed of or that remind them of their life before getting clean.

In the clip, you can see that the cover-up looks like an Indian headdress. While the Teen Mom star was obviously excited about the change he was making, many fans took to Reddit to virtually roll their eyes at the move.

A screenshot of the tattoo cover-up was shared to r/TeenMomOGandTeenMom2. People were quick to jump on the post with their criticisms of Ryan Edwards and the new tattoo.

Instagram, Ryan Edwards

Image: Instagram Stories/Ryan Edwards

“With a head dress?” one person asked. Another person chimed in, “I was gonna say…to another offensive tattoo??” A third Redditor agreed saying, “Well covering up the dick burrito with a headdress doesn’t really help.”

Several people mentioned that Ryan’s parents were likely paying for the new tattoo. Others questioned Ryan’s current status with his sober journey and whether or not he’s staying clean. His recent unsupervised visit with Bentley suggests that the Teen Mom star is doing well in his sobriety though.

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