Maci Bookout is Worried Ryan Edwards’ Sobriety Is In Danger

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Teen Mom Maci Bookout Is worried that Mackenzie Edwards is going to cause trouble with Ryan Edward’s sobriety. Ryan Gave an update on his sobriety in the two-part Teen Mom: The Next Chapter reunion. Dr. Drew Pensky sat down with Ryan Edwards in Tennessee for an interview that aired on October 11, 2023. Ryan revealed to Dr. Drew that he has been sober for five months. Ryan is currently living in a halfway house following a 28-day stay in a treatment center.

Dangers To Ryan’s Sobriety

Before his release to rehab, Ryan Edwards Spent several months of a nearly one-year sentence in jail. This was following an arrest for a DUI and possession of controlled substance. He also had overdosed at the time of his arrest.  Maci Bookout and Ryan’s parents are worried that his estranged wife Mackenzie Edwards is a danger to Ryan’s sobriety. Mackenzie was seen visiting with Ryan at the treatment facility where no visitors are allowed.  Jen Edwards, Ryan’s Mom, told Dr Drew “It was very worrisome. There is no one who should be on that property but the patients. Ryan got in trouble for that”. Following the controversial visit Mackenzie made to the rehab facility, Dr. Drew expressed concern that Mackenzie is a danger to Ryan’s sobriety because she does not understand his struggles. Ryan’s father Larry Edwards responded with “Absolutely”.

The Divorce

In addition to Mackenzie Edwards and Ryan Edwards breaking the rules of the treatment facility they are also in the middle of a divorce. Mackenzie and Ryan share a son Jagger, 5, and a daughter Stella, 3. The divorce was filed in February following Ryan’s arrest for harassment of Mackenzie. According to Ryan during his interview with Dr. Drew, the divorce is still going forward. Although Ryan says he is “not sure” if that is what Mackenzie still wants.


Despite the divorce proceedings with Mackenzie Edwards, Ryan says things have never been better with Maci Bookout. Ryan said to Dr. Drew “her and I get along great right now. She checked on me every day. She went to [my] court [hearing] and everything”. Maci says Ryan’s relationship with 14-year-old Bentley has improved since he went to jail. Maci Said Ryan “shows up and communicates with Bentley, I think, more consistently now than he ever has, which is mind-blowing”. It seems Things are on a good track for Bentley and Ryan. Hopefully, Ryan can remain sober and continue to improve the relationship with his son.

Last Wednesday Teen Mom: The Next Chapter aired its finale with the two-part reunion. There is no word yet on when the show will return.

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