‘Teen Mom’ Mackenzie Edwards Flying Solo Again

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Former Teen Mom star Mackenzie Edwards is flying solo again. She filed for divorce from Ryan Edwards earlier this year but then appeared to have found love once again. Mackenzie was said to be extremely happy in her new situation. Sadly, it seems that this love was not everlasting. What happened and why did she call it quits? Read on for more details.

Teen Mom Mackenzie Edwards Flying Solo Again

Mackenzie Edwards has had a rough 2023, dealing with Ryan Edwards. She filed for divorce from him just as it seemed like he and his son, Bentley were getting back on track. He was seen filming for Teen Mom so that was promising considering he had been fired from the show. Unfortunately, he could not keep himself together and ultimately landed himself an almost year-long prison sentence. Luckily, Mackenzie seemed to rebound quite well with a new man and a fellow single parent, Josh Panter. He was newly divorced and they appeared to have a lot in common plus they got along really well.

Mackenzie Edwards/Teen Mom/Instagram
Mackenzie Edwards-Instagram

Back in April 2023, an insider had told The Sun that Mackenzie Edwards was always at his family’s property. Furthermore, his family had seemingly taken to her and the source was actually stunned that they hadn’t moved in together yet. However, Mackenzie is setting the record straight and sharing the truth about her personal life. According to In Touch, she is a single woman. “I do not have a boyfriend. I’m focused on my career and my children. I’m working on myself to give them the life and future they deserve,” the mother of three told the outlet exclusively.

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Yet, Mackenzie and Josh Panter do know one another and have for some time. Josh had spoken to The Sun about him and Mackenzie, detailing their history: “I have known Mackenzie for 10 years or so, then earlier this year we got reconnected. Mackenzie and I are friends and enjoy each other’s company. Neither of us are worried about ‘titles.’ We both just came out of a marriage.”

Still A Possibility?

Josh Panter’s mother has tagged Mackenzie Edwards in social media posts. This could be why the source alleged that Mackenzie was spending a lot of time with Josh’s family. Apparently, her eldest son from a previous relationship was swimming with the Panter family. However, Mackenzie is maintaining that she is single and Josh is doing the same. Of course, he did leave the door open for the possibility of the two of them having something down the line. Finally, they both have a lot of healing to do from previous relationships so time will tell.

Do you think that Mackenzie will stay single for long? More so, do you think that she and Josh might turn their friendship into something romantic? Let us know in the comments below.

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