Susan Noles Hopes To Officiate ‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner’s Wedding

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Susan Noles did not find love with Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner. He sent her home Thursday night just before hometown dates. Many contestants are disappointed when things don’t end with a lasting relationship. However, Susan is not. She said she was okay with him sending her home. In fact, she has such good feelings for Gerry that she hopes to officiate his wedding when he decides to marry his final rose winner. Keep reading to find out more.

Susan Noles hopes to officiate Gerry Turner’s wedding

Golden Bachelor contestant Susan Noles didn’t find love with Gerry Turner. In fact, she basically thinks they were always in the friend zone. There just wasn’t that romantic chemistry between them. However, she thinks they will be friends for life.

Susan still talks highly of Gerry. She said, “He is such a sweet, sweet gentleman. He is always present. Those beautiful blue eyes. I mean he’s paying attention every time you sit with him. He’s just a good guy.”

Susan even told Gerry he had not seen the last of her. Plus, since she is an officiant, she declared she wants to be the one to officiate Gerry’s wedding to whomever he gives his final rose to.

The 66-year-old does not regret being on the show. She said it was a beautiful experience. As an added bonus she made lasting friendships with the other ladies.

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She helped calm him during rose ceremonies

USA Today shared what Susan had to say about how she managed to calm Gerry during rose ceremonies. Susan Noles shared that she helped pull Gerry Turner out of his emotional moments at rose ceremonies. She said he was so sincere and she would crack him up to get him from tearing up. Susan said, “At the rose ceremony, he would tear up, and then as he would look around the room, he’d see me and I go, ‘It’s OK,’ or I do [something] and make him laugh. And later he would always say to me, ‘Susan, thank you so much. That means so much to me. It helps me get out of that moment.’ It just worked with us.”

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Fans also loved Susan and she has been compared to Kris Jenner. She revealed people have compared the two for more than 30 years. Unfortunately, she has not had the opportunity to meet her in person.

What do you think about Susan wanting to officiate Gerry’s wedding?

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