‘Golden Bachelor’ Susan Noles Talks Being Kris Jenner Look Alike

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Golden Bachelor contestant Susan Noles talks about being compared to Kris Jenner. Most fans have agreed it’s quite eerie how much the two look alike. Does Susan think so and has she heard the comparison before the show? Keep reading to find out more.

Golden Bachelor’s Susan Noles talks Kris Jenner comparison

Susan Noles has quickly become a fan favorite on The Golden Bachelor. She seems to be hitting it off with Gerry Turner as well. In fact, he gave her a gift because he said she reminded him of his late wife, Toni. He gave her a rose quartz crystal because it is a symbol of strength and empathy. He believes she has both.

As far as her looking like Kris Jenner, she spilled the tea on the comparison while chatting with Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast.

Susan said, “That started like 30 years ago. I get that everywhere I go. When I was in Atlantic City, the Bahamas, Italy, somebody said it. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never signed an autograph! But when I was on set for Golden Bachelor, I kept telling the producers that I was only 12 minutes down the road from Kris, we needed to get lunch!”

Susan noles via Insta

Has Kris Jenner reached out?

Susan Noles also revealed if she has ever been in touch with Kris Jenner. Sadly the answer is no. She said, “She hasn’t reached out thus far. I would be so happy to meet her. That’s like a dream come true. It’s totally a coincidence that we have the same hairstyle. I’m a hairdresser [and it] has been like this forever. I think I remind people of her because of my short dark hair and when I wear makeup.”

Susan also noted that Kathy, who was sent home this past Thursday, looks like Caitlyn Jenner. She and Kathy Swarts have become good friends during their time on The Golden Bachelor. 

Fans also just adore Susan. Plus, it seems she has a bit of a wild side. While playing a game of never have I ever, Susan was forced to take many bites of ice cream after admitting to some intimate acts she had done in the past.

Susan continues to be a bright spot on the show. How long will she last? Fans will have to tune into The Golden Bachelor every Thursday night to see who will end up with Gerry Turner.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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